Saturday, June 7, 2008

Eye got lucky

A bunch has happened since the last typing of blogness. I had a flag football game last week. I was acting as Champ Bailey (cornerback position). When chaos broke loose...that is the players name. Chaos caught the ball and broke loose. When I got to chaos, so did 3 other people. We all collided and my own teammate jabbed me in the eye. I tried to get up and realized that my left eye was not working properly. Naturally I punched my teammate in the face, but; since I could not see, I punched the wrong teammate. I eventually made my way to the sidelines where Michelle nurtured me while I was going into shock. One of the guys in charge said he was going to call an ambulance. I looked at him with my eye and told him my wife is right next to me and is an awesome driver and I don't feel like paying thousands of dollars because he is an idiot. We left to come to our humble abode so I could relax and become unshocked. Within the next hour, my eye seemed to start working properly once again. With the help of a loving, awesome driving spouse, humble abodes, and the Priesthood, eye got lucky.