Friday, April 27, 2012

You think you've had a bad haircut???...

So the weather has been super nice here. The past couple weeks it's been in the 90's - 100. So our poor little Boikins just gets so hot because he has so much hair. And he's shedding like crazy. So I decided to be nice and get him a haircut so he can cool down a little. So I tell the lady, just cut enough so that he can stay cool...and still look cute. Oh...My...GOSH!!! I didn't even recognize him when I went to get him!!! I am SO  SO upset! Worst haircut EVER!! I honesly was on the  verge of tears all night last night because of what they did to him! When people say little dogs look like rats....well thats what they did to my little cutie! Ugh! He looks SO bad now!! Him and Brynlee are honestly best friends, it's so cute! They will play together all day every day. And when I lay her down to bed at night, he'll sit outside her door forever and whine. And then when I get her up in the morning he goes CRAZY! It's so cute! Anywho...when I brought him home she would just stare and him...wouldn't get near him. Which is fine because he hid forever because he was so ashamed...I would be too! Adam wants to get rid of him now because he looks like a mixture of a rat/cat/ ugly. So once upon a time this was my cute little pomeranian....

And what they did to him!!!!! :( :(

Worst haircut EVER!!!!!! I'm so sad!


We got to go spend the day with Brynlee's cousins. And we had so much fun! We have been going swimming a lot lately, and Brynlee loves it! She just splashes the whole time.  And these guys have a pool at their house, so we had a great time! Boikins even got in on it too. 

 Then we went for a nice little walk to the skate park by the house and got to watch these little studs show us some tricks.

Date Day!!!

We LOOOOVE baseball! Going to professional baseball games is one of our absolute favorite things! Honestly...they make us So happy! So we decided to splurge since we haven't gone to a game in a couple years now. The Braves have always been my favorite team...and they were in town last weekend! So obviously we couldn't miss out. So we got really good seats right behind the dugout. We showed up an hour and a half early to A. Get our free drawstring back for being of the first 2000 fans, and B. To watch batting practice. We were right up on the front row for that, so that was really fun. So, as a kid I had the biggest crush on Chipper it was great to see him in real life before he retires. It was nice to just have a day with me and Adam! It's been a little while since we've been able to enjoy that. So we dropped Brynlee off at his brothers and went to the game and dinner. Best. Night. Ever! :)
 We had one of the usher's take a picture for us...I was wanting to get the players in there with us, but he zoomed in all the way on our faces, and he was like now that is a GREAT picture...just perfect! no it's not!

 Chipper Stretching...
 Chipper on 1st....
 Chipper on Screen....
 Chipper at bat.... :)

Botanical Gardens

So a super nice girl in our ward had me over for lunch when I first got back form Idaho. She said they were in our exact position 5 years ago, so she wants to help me know where everything is here, and help me meet people. So last Friday she invited me to the Botanical Gardens here. And there were SO many girls there! It was so much fun! I was able to meet a lot of new people that was nice of her! :) So at the gardens they have a butterfly pavilion. There were just tons of butterflies all over, they they would just land on you...and it was pretty cool. Brynlee is to young to know what was going on, but I thought it was pretty cool! It was a very hot day when we went, it was 103! But it actually felt really good to be out in the sun...we just LOVE the sun!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mel's Wedding!

So after being in AZ for a week...i turned around and flew back to Idaho for two and a half weeks. It was SO much fun!! was SO hard to be away from Adam for that long! And we were busy busy the whole time! The first couple nights we spent in Rexburg with Rachel's family, we made a lot of picture frames, hung out and had lots of fun. Then we went to Heather's for a couple days, got excited about a biggest loser diet, hung out and had fun. And then we headed to Rupert for the rest of the time. Mel wanted to cater her reception so we made a lot of food for a few days! It was really fun, and was super yummy!

Brynlee with all of her cousins...
The first few days when we were in Rupert, while everyone was at work me and Brynlee got to party together.
 Then we headed to Salt Lake for the wedding. I did Mel's hair and it was SO much fun! I think it turned out pretty good. She was just a gorgeous bride!! Before I got married I lived at home while Mel was still there, and we got really close. So it was fun to spend a lot of time before she got married too. The picture in the bottom left is my Dad and Bryns...they were sleeping while we were all getting everything ready :)
 The reception was beautiful! I LOVED how all of the decorations turned out!
 We couldn't leave David out on the we had a "life size poster" of him. We had fun with it! Everyone was so excited to have Davey there with us.
I just love this little girl SOO much!!

 The day after the reception Grandpa pulled out his telescope so we could all look at the was pretty cool!

We had So much fun with everyone!! It was such a good weekend. I just love my family so much! When it was time to take off it hit me that I was actually leaving..for a while. So I had an emotional time leaving. But when I was back with was just complete and perfect again! And Brynlee was VERY excited to see her daddy again!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

8 months!

My sister Rachel took these pictures...she is AMAZING!!! I LOVE them! I'm going to miss having her so close to take all of my pictures for me. You can find her blog here. These are actually pictures of when Brynlee was 7 months.

Brynlee has gotten SO much personality lately!! She is just getting to be so much fun! She's had a rough couple weeks lately, she has had 6 teeth come in at once! Poor girl..but I guess it's good just to go through it once then over and over again. But because of that the poor girl has had horrible diaper rashes and ear infections. But hopefully that's behind us for a little bit.

We think she is going to be a southpaw. She loves to clap, and she does with with her left hand. And she is now feeding her self little treats like cheerios and those puff things, and she does it with her left hand. So...we shall see!

She is SO close to crawling! She'll get on all 4's and then just kind of do a little dance swaying forward and backwards. She is scooting all over on her tummy though, we really have to keep our eyes on her. She has found herself some lungs! She has got this high pitch scream that she LOVES to do! When she's happy, when she's mad, and just to hear herself. She's a pretty good little sleeper which makes a really happy! She usually goes to be around 7:30-8 and wakes up around 8. Sleeping through the whole night. She just jibbers all day long, sometimes it sounds like she's singing a little tune too. And she is ALWAYS happy! Everyone is always commenting on what a good little happy baby she is. We don't know any different...she is just the sweetest thing!

* she still LOVES kisses, she thinks it's so funny when you kiss her feet
* loves going on walks in the stroller
* loves grandma and grandpa
* putting everything in her mouth
* splashing in the bath tub
* when I dance..probably because I look so goofy
* LOVES having her cousins play with her!

* getting her diaper changed (because of the dang diaper rash)
* peas and meats
* when I walk out of the room when she wants something, she's already starting to get a little attitude
* the snow
* driving in the car for 14 hours! but she actually did pretty good

We sure love our baby girl!

Adam got a new job!!!

So Adam got a job with Fidelity in Scottsdale, AZ!!!! We we're SO excited!! They are a great company to work for, they treat their employees really well! So it all happened pretty darn fast. After accepting the job we moved to Arizona two weeks later, and we are loving it! My dad is like the nicest person I know, he helped us drive and move down, and got up and flew out the next morning at 3. Anyways...on the drive out here I was realizing how far away from family we are going to be, and then when my dad left I was really really sad, all of my family is around Idaho, so it was hard to leave. Then we got up the next day and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was like 85...and that quickly made me happy to be here. And Adam got to love it extremely fast because two days after we were here his uncle got tickets for Adam, his dad, brother and uncle to all go to the Elite 8 March Madness game! He was SO excited! We have a pool and hottub right out side our bedroom. The second day we were here we went out to go swimming and lay out, and we were the ONLY ones out there, there were some people that walked by in sweaters and jackets. We thought it was pretty darn nice outside. We've been wanting to move to Arizona since Adam graduated, so we are so excited to be here. We are loving it so far! Brynlee and Boikins are too, we go on a walk everyday and they LOVE that, just love being outside!

 Don't mind the mess...we just moved in. I think Brynlee really loves being able to wear shorts and dresses without being all bundled up with tights and sweaters and coats. :)

Eating Solids

These are probably gross pictures, but I think they are funny. Brynlee is a pretty good eater. She seems to like everything except peas. Her favorite thing that she thinks is so funny is get a mouth full of full and then spit it right back all over you. The last two pictures with Adam feeding her...well he doesn't take that well, so he gives her a taste of her own medicine and puts it right back on her (her forehead), but she thought that was pretty funny too.
 I thought this picture was funny with Boikins trying to steal his ball back from Brynlee...

Baby Brooklyn!

We had such a fun weekend...about a month ago. We were able to all meet up and go to Utah together and meet Brooklyn. She is ADORABLE! And it was so much fun for all of us sisters to be together...minus Stacy :( It was just a day, but it was so much fun to all be in the car together, it made the 10 hours in the car go by really fast! I just love all of my sisters so much! Beth was able to come over for a while and it was so much fun to see her and meet Jack.