Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

The past 3 years we have tried to make it different places to spend Christmas with Adam's family...but it has usually ended up with us or our destination getting snowed in...well we finally made to Colorado this year! And we had so much fun! We got to celebrate Christmas a few days this year. We celebrated our own little Christmas that Monday, we opened each others presents so we didn't have to travel with them. Adam spoiled me like usual...I got a cute new pair of shoes, some clothes and jewelry, Despicable Me (my new fav. movie), and a KITCHEN AID! I was SO excited! I've wanted one since we got married. I got him some clothes, basketball stuff, NBA Jam and a finance game he really wanted.

My parents got us a Wii & Wii Fit...we we are SUPER excited for!

We headed down to Utah after we opened our presents and stayed with my sister Mary. We had a lot of fun there like usual. Our flight flew our early on Wednesday morning, so we had to leave at 4:30 am that morning. Mary works the graveyard shift. So I thought I would keep her company that I ended up not going to sleep at all that night before we left, because we stayed up talking all night. So most of my first day in Denver was sleeping. The next day we were able to go to the temple to do a session, they had a cool nativity set up outside of the temple.
Adam's dad Jim, made us delicious breakfasts most of the's him and his famous crepes.
Christmas day was a lot of fun at the Gooch's, Adam's mom made him really cool scrapbooks of him growing up and a mission scrapbook, so those were awesome. They got him some clothes, and me my favorite willow tree statue, and a lot of lotion.

One of their traditions they had growing up was Nerf guns in their stocking, and they would just shoot each other all morning. So we got some in our stocking and had a lot of fun...Adam just LOVED shooting his parents all morning.

Sunday night Adam's brother's Aaron and Mike and their families were able to come over for Christmas dinner. It was so fun to see everyone again! We ate, opened more presents, and played games.
Adam reading Aspen a book....

The real life Grizwalts! This is our friend Eric Farmer parent's house...I've heard all about it for years, that his dad goes all out every year...and it's true! He was awesome!! I was amazed when we went there, and while we were there there were a ton of people that were driving by to look at it, it was quite the happening place.Adam's mom lives in Castle Rock...and this is THE castle rock that you can climb. The weather was so nice there all week! It was around the 50's, so one morning we decided to take the kiddo's hiking, and it was so fun, it was such a nice little hike.Adam, Pif, Chad, Troy & James
Grandpa Gooch & Aspen

We went bowling with everyone, very fun! The kids were so cute to watch.The last day there was a King Tut exhibit in Denver, which was very cool. They had a lot of replica's of ancient Egypt things, and a lot of things that were in King Tut's tomb. We had a great vacation, it was really fun to spend it with Adam's family! Now we are just re cooperating from a week of fun.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Salt Lake Get Away

The weekend before Thanksgiving we decided we wanted to get out of Rupert for a little bit. So we had a weekend Salt Lake City. It was really fun. We got a hotel right in downtown, like one block from Temple Square, and one block from the Jazz arena. It was the perfect location. We went to a jazz game the first night, and it was funny because we just went a little early and scalped for tickets and we asked the first guy we saw how much his were, so we said cool we'll keep looking around but we'll be back. And after that, he said the f bomb to us like 3 times, he was kind of a tool. But we did end up getting tickets, we were in the very last row. But the game was still fun. It was Jazz vs. Spurs, it's been a while since we've been to a NBA game so we had a good time.

The next morning we walked to the Gateway Mall and did a lot of our Christmas shopping most of the day. That was SO much fun! It's been a while since we've done that too. It's always fun to go shopping and actually buy stuff. The night we had some friends that we worked with in Baltimore that got married, so we went to the wedding and had a good time with everyone that we haven't seen for about a year.

It was such a good weekend. It was quick...but It was good to get away for a little bit.