Sunday, October 19, 2014

The 2nd Month of Life With Rae

We have all just been enjoying life to the fullest here with our newest addition. I've been trying my very best at giving both girls the attention they need. It's been easy since Brynlee wants to help out with Raegan, so I excitingly let her. Brynlee has kept busy with a few of her favorites: painting, coloring and playing games. One of our outings this month was the doctors office.This appointment both girls got shots, which was hard...for all of us! I remember how hard Brynlee's shots were as a baby, Raegan went first and of course it was so sad...but not as hard/sad as it was to watch Brynlee. With her being older and being able to verbilize and know what's going on was so so sad. She was such a great little helper with Raegan and was so sweet when she got her shots, and when she got up for hers she had no idea what was coming.  She was just talking to the nurse, and then I had to hold down her hands (and I hate that) and once the first shot went in she started crying and screaming was looked at me with the most heartbreaking look and just said "What is this?! What is she doing?!?" It was so sad. So we went and got some ice cream to make us both feel a little better.  For Raegan her measurements were:

Height: 24" (91%)
Weight: 11 lbs 13 oz (76%)
Head Circ. 38cm (33%)

We had a neat little outing to the new Phoenix Temple open house as a family. We took one of Adam's coworkers and his dad with us. It was so fun to watch Brynlee experience going to the temple for the first time. She really was so excited to go and see the temple, and she did surprisingly well, both girls did really well. Luckily Raegan slept almost the entire time, once we walked out of the temple she started crying. Brynlee the whole time was like "What's that? What's this?" She was so cute. Once we left she asked if we could go back to the temple again, make a mama happy. I had to add in a beautiful picture of our beautiful home AZ! Goodness I love this place! It's starting to get beautiful weather, and as always it's just beautiful! This night was no exception with this beautiful sunset.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Day We Went to Tolmachoff Farms

I love the fall! First being the weather finally starts to cool down. Second, there is so much going on! So many fun activities, especially where we live now with the Med School so close. This year we found a new pumpkin patch to try out. It was super fun, Brynlee loved it. You can always tell how much fun Brynlee is having by the tantrum she throws when we leave...and by the size of it, I'm pretty sure she had an epic time! Ha!  They had a fun train ride, a big blob to jump on (which she had a wardrobe malfunction ;) corn maze, fun little games, petting zoo and a pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkin from.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Rest of September

When I was pregnant I was wanting a change with my hair. Since I'm horrible to keeping up with my roots I decided to go darker and do an ombre color. Well it lasted about 9 months, which was nice waiting that long in between getting my hair done, but Adam and I were both wanting my hair back to blonde. Once I got it done it was so nice to have blonde again! I also had one of my first nights out recently also. We just love our ward! There are girls nights all of the time, and I was able to machete to one. It was nice getting out of the house with on a little date with my babe, and being with girlfriends...especially since half of them had babies within a few weeks of me and the other half were expecting within the next couple months. It's fun to have so many friends in the same stage of life we are in. It's pretty funny too how much I had been slacking on taking pictures and then once there is a baby, my pictures increase by about 400%. So here is the rest of the pictures from September. The one with Brynlee and gloves was so cute, it was still at least 95 degrees outside and she came to me with her beanie and gloves and asked if we could go play in the snow. The good thing was I just planned a trip to Idaho in lets hope her dreams come true then. And I always love a good picture of my handsome man holding one of our babes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Day Raegan Turned One Month Old

I have been amazed, with both kids, how EXTREMELY fast the newborn phase goes by. You better believe I cherish every second of it! Life has been pretty perfect lately. Brynlee is an amazing older sister! Always loving on her baby sis. Whenever she is watching cartoons or a movie she always wants her sister laying next to her. We had her best friend Lexi come over one day so she could get some energy out, and play with another kid since we've been cooped up in the house. They are SO cute together! They played, dressed up and danced together.  The weather has finally cooled down to the 90's, which qualify for walking weather. We loaded everyone up and loved being outside. We had to get a few shots with these cute little green dresses from Grandma and Grandpa Gooch they got the girls from their cruise. Brynlee loves hers! She wears it all of the time. When Raegan isn't wearing it, she will put it on one of her little dolls. I love these girls of mine! The first month of Reagan's life has been heaven. She is a little angel! The first week home she had a couple nights that she slept 8 hours at night, and in-between that she would have nights where she would have 4 hour breaks before feedings. Towards the end of the month she did eat every 2-3 at night. She eats super fast, I remember some nights with Brynlee I would be up for 45 minutes feeding her. With Raegan she usually just eats for 10-15 minutes and she's done. At first I would also pump after every feeding, but it takes so much time be honest I hate it. So I've started only doing it during the day so I can just go back to sleep at night to get a little more sleep.  Here are Raegans measurements for her 2 week appointment:
Height: 21.6" (93%)
Weight: 7 lbs 12 oz (51%)
Head: 34.9 (47%)