Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We had a really fun Thanksgiving this year. We just stayed in Rupert and had it with my side of the family. Rachel's & John's family's, my Grandma & Grandpa Fennell, and the normal Rupertites were there. Dinner was AMAZING as always....we ate to much as always, and just had a great time...as always. Later that evening the boys went and played some basketball while the girls watched a chick flick. Then that night we decided we would go out and enjoy some black Friday deals. We have gone every year, we actually kind of enjoy it. This year was a little different. There were 5 of us that went, and we all split up to get what we were all there for, Adam was getting me something so I had to avoid him, and then wait for him to pay for it and come back in to finish our shopping. Well...but that time the lines had formed...and that is bad news! The past years we get what we came for and get out...but not this year--we were in line for almost 3 hours! And it was getting a little irritated towards the end...but we did get some great deals, and that's all that counts. I was horrible with the camera that weekend so this is the only shot we captured, at like 2:00 am....

The next day we went to Megamind as a family. That movie was pretty cute. And then just hung out with the family the rest of the weekend. I just love the holiday's!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kids Made My Day

So I had to go in the Library and watch a class for a couple of minutes and once I walked in a group of boys run up to me really excitedly and were like "MRS GOOCH!!!! WE FOUND YOUR PICTURE IN A BOOK!!!!" So I was like...I don't think I've ever been in a book, and they were like "Yes you have! But you've changed your name." So interested I had them show me who they thought I was...and this is the pictur they showed me....They were like "SEE THATS YOU!!!...You just changed your name and didn't tell us." So being very flattered I was like, believe me, I wish I was her do you know who that is?? So I told them she won American Idol and now she's a country singer. They didn't believe me, so now everytime they pass my desk they are like "hi country singer." Don't hate it :)

One last story, I was doing my favorite thing for my job....head lice checks...not, and it was a class of kindergarteners and we had them line up outisde of the sick room, and I was checking the first girl and asked her if her head has been itching, so the next girl in line yells out..."MY HEAD DOESN'T ITCH...BUT MY BUTT ALWAYS ITCHES!" Really?? Thanks for that info :) I was trying SO hard not to laugh, hillarious.