Monday, December 22, 2008


Well Adam is now an official BYU Idaho graduate. It was a really fun weekend. His parents got into town Friday morning at about 3:00 am, and then we went pretty much non stop all day Friday. We took his parents around and showed them all of the changes on campus and Rexburg. And then the graduation festivities started around 4. We went to a banquet that was really good, President Uchtdorf was there and spoke at it for like 5 minutes--he said that President Eyring was kind of rubbing it in his face that he got to go to BYU Hawaii and speak at their graduation and fly in the Huntsman plane, and that President Uchtdorf got to drive himself to the snowy, freezing cold Rexburg. President Eyring said it's because seniority rules, and President Monson jumped in and said...."No--it's because I said so." It was funny......First Presidency humor. Then he spoke a little about the Temple on the hill here, and how you can see it from everywhere you go, and now that we're moving on in our lives to different places, we need to take that light of Christ with us wherever we go. And then right after that we went to the commencement, which was also very good. President Clark (president of the school) spoke first and the President Uchtdorf was the guest speaker. They spoke on not letting the world get in your head or your heart...the wants of big houses, nice cars, toys...and so on. To live within your means, and just to be smart with your money. They talked on the importance of furthering your education, and whether you go on to get another degree or not--continue learning through out your life. And it seemed like each person that spoke gave hope to the graduating class for the future with the economic situation we are in right now...just keep your head up--everything will work out, and just to keep Heavenly Father involved in all decisions and direction. President Uchtdorf also just said to be grateful for the education that we have been able to receive because when he was our age he didn't have the opportunity to receive one because there was a war going on, and a lot of people in Germany didn't have the opportunity to go to to take advantage of it. That is the shortened version, it was a really good ceremony. I just love President Uchtdorf. After that was when they received their diplomas. Both of our parents were able to come, so it was fun to have everyone there.
I had to take a picture of the screen because my camera is dying--and wouldn't zoom in on him, we actually had pretty good seats and could see him very well.This was the best picture I could take...I had to break through the crowd and by the time I got to where I could take a picture...he was already walking down the stairs.This picture is great...because if you look close enough you can see my belly button.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I know I'm late on this on, but I thought I'd post before this weekend because it'll be a busy one, Adam is graduating tomorrow! And it seems like I'm a lot more excited than he is...he just acts like it's really not that big of a deal...but I know he's excited....even though he won't admit it. But anyways--Thanksgiving was great. And it was a break muchly needed. We went to Rupert for about 3 days. For the actual Thanksgiving feast it was at my parents house...and it was amazing, maybe some day I can be phenomenal cook like my mom, but until then I'll just let her keep cooking. It was just a nice relaxing day with a lot of the family there. The next day we went out to our cousin's Poteet's house and had round two. Then that night Adam got to experience the second greatest celebration on the Rupert square (the first is the 4th of July) but it's when Santa comes and turns on the lights, and then they have a big fire works show, that I love...and Adam absolutely ADORED it! We also went and saw the new James Bond movie--which is pretty good, and then we ended the week giving talks in church.