Monday, December 22, 2008


Well Adam is now an official BYU Idaho graduate. It was a really fun weekend. His parents got into town Friday morning at about 3:00 am, and then we went pretty much non stop all day Friday. We took his parents around and showed them all of the changes on campus and Rexburg. And then the graduation festivities started around 4. We went to a banquet that was really good, President Uchtdorf was there and spoke at it for like 5 minutes--he said that President Eyring was kind of rubbing it in his face that he got to go to BYU Hawaii and speak at their graduation and fly in the Huntsman plane, and that President Uchtdorf got to drive himself to the snowy, freezing cold Rexburg. President Eyring said it's because seniority rules, and President Monson jumped in and said...."No--it's because I said so." It was funny......First Presidency humor. Then he spoke a little about the Temple on the hill here, and how you can see it from everywhere you go, and now that we're moving on in our lives to different places, we need to take that light of Christ with us wherever we go. And then right after that we went to the commencement, which was also very good. President Clark (president of the school) spoke first and the President Uchtdorf was the guest speaker. They spoke on not letting the world get in your head or your heart...the wants of big houses, nice cars, toys...and so on. To live within your means, and just to be smart with your money. They talked on the importance of furthering your education, and whether you go on to get another degree or not--continue learning through out your life. And it seemed like each person that spoke gave hope to the graduating class for the future with the economic situation we are in right now...just keep your head up--everything will work out, and just to keep Heavenly Father involved in all decisions and direction. President Uchtdorf also just said to be grateful for the education that we have been able to receive because when he was our age he didn't have the opportunity to receive one because there was a war going on, and a lot of people in Germany didn't have the opportunity to go to to take advantage of it. That is the shortened version, it was a really good ceremony. I just love President Uchtdorf. After that was when they received their diplomas. Both of our parents were able to come, so it was fun to have everyone there.
I had to take a picture of the screen because my camera is dying--and wouldn't zoom in on him, we actually had pretty good seats and could see him very well.This was the best picture I could take...I had to break through the crowd and by the time I got to where I could take a picture...he was already walking down the stairs.This picture is great...because if you look close enough you can see my belly button.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I know I'm late on this on, but I thought I'd post before this weekend because it'll be a busy one, Adam is graduating tomorrow! And it seems like I'm a lot more excited than he is...he just acts like it's really not that big of a deal...but I know he's excited....even though he won't admit it. But anyways--Thanksgiving was great. And it was a break muchly needed. We went to Rupert for about 3 days. For the actual Thanksgiving feast it was at my parents house...and it was amazing, maybe some day I can be phenomenal cook like my mom, but until then I'll just let her keep cooking. It was just a nice relaxing day with a lot of the family there. The next day we went out to our cousin's Poteet's house and had round two. Then that night Adam got to experience the second greatest celebration on the Rupert square (the first is the 4th of July) but it's when Santa comes and turns on the lights, and then they have a big fire works show, that I love...and Adam absolutely ADORED it! We also went and saw the new James Bond movie--which is pretty good, and then we ended the week giving talks in church.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hockey, Utah & Cars

So I've been slacking lately on keep this updated, so I'll just throw the past few weekends into one. About three weeks ago we went to a hockey game in Jackson Hole Wyoming with some of our friends, and it was so much fun, that was my first hockey game--and I loved it.

Then two weekends ago we were able to get out of Rexburg and stay the weekend with Mary and Brian--it was a blast! I miss those guys and wish they lived closer. I don't think our husbands especially like it when we get together, but they are troopers and put up with it. It was a good relaxing weekend...good to be away from Rexburg/work & school for a while.

But I think one of our favorite parts of the weekend...was when we got a new car. We've been searching for months to find a good long lasting car--and have been saving all of our pennies for quite some time for a car. And we got extremely lucky finding exactly what we wanted for a really good price. These pictures aren't the best and Adam didn't want to post these...because they have really bad glares...but you can at least see what it looks like.

And lastly since Thanksgiving is coming up I think it would be appropriate to list all of the MANY blessings in my life that I am very thankful for, I LOVE my family--I must've done something right to be put into such a wonderful family. I love all of my sisters, and I've been lucky the past few years to live so close to a couple of them, they are my best friends. My brothers are so cute and so good to everyone, my parents are some of the finest people I know, and have been the two greatest influences in my life, all of my in-laws, the ones that have married into the Fennell Fam, and the family I married into, grandparents, all of our friends, being a member and having a testimony and knowledge of the church, a temple marriage, leaders, jobs, food, hot water, hot tamales and kettle corn, good health, our apartment and cars, nieces and nephews, sports, naps, sweat pants, sun sets, crafts & decorations, holiday's...and so much more--but last but not least--Adam, he has been THE greatest blessing in my life, my goodness I could not have asked for a better husband, he is everything that is good and right about my life (cheesy I know...but true) and without a doubt he makes me laugh everyday, I am so blessed to start and end everyday with my best friend. Well on that note...I'm excited to go to Rupert this week and have Thanksgiving with my family. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kaylee Jean Fennell

John and Meagan had their first precious baby girl yesterday! And she is just BEAUTIFUL! We got to see her for a few minutes last night, and I just fell right in love with her, I couldn't stop staring at her! Well done you two! She is really little, she was 5 lbs 9 oz--but just as cute as can be! Congrats John and Meagan! We love you three!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Word to yo Mamma.....

President Obama.....all I have to say about that-- at least Proposition 8 passed...and thats a good thing. Oh yeah...and God bless America! But...on a much brighter note. ADAM IS GRADUATING!!!! The end is in sight...which is a blessed thing--but now we just have to figure out what is in store for us next. We actually thought he had one more semester up here. At first we were a little upset about the school because originally he was supposed to graduate in December, they had all of his classes ready to go...and a week into school they told him some of them wouldn't work/count...meaning he would have to stick around to make up two more classes. But they totally redeemed themselves...and put a little cluster together of some of his previous classes so that he could be done. So his hard work has paid off! Way to go poopsie! Well it snowed a little bit last night...and I hate the snow and the cold...but surprisingly I woke up really happy this morning when I saw it--it made me SO excited for the holiday's. I've been listening to Christmas music lately, and thats made me anxious for it to get here, so the snow added a little to that excitement.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anniversary weekend

Last weekend was a blast. We had a little Halloween get together at the Farmer's house along with the Fennell's. We carved pumpkins and watch Monster House, which is a really cute movie. Me and Adam have been talking about carving pumpkins for a while, and then we decided not to because we waited so long...and probably because we were to lazy to go to the store and pick some up. So I'm glad we had a chance to do one--it was the first pumpkin I think I've carved, and even though it turned out to be a deformed 7 legged was fun. Saturday was really busy. Idaho Falls has a free cancer screening every year...and since I'm a cancer phobe I made sure we went...which was worthless because we waited there for almost two hours...and didn't even get in--we were still like 40 away from being seen. And then we had to hurry back to Rexburg because I had a volleyball game, which we won. Then we were off to Island Park to celebrate our one year. It was so much fun...we were the only ones there--so it was nice to enjoy a little hot tub and some world series. It was nice and relaxing. This last year sure did fly by...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

We are just shy of 3 weeks away from our 1st anniversary....which is completely crazy! But I like to think of how lucky we've been. The first 2 months we were married we didn't exactly have jobs...but really--it was great, we got to spend all day every day together--we got caught up on every tv show there is out there, well pretty much. And then we got to make a little bit of money working at UPS and then moved back up to Rexburg. And actually it was a blessing in disguise that we took a little bit of a "break" from school because we both got good jobs...and we were able to save money....we worked 8-5 and then had the rest of the night to do whatever we wanted together. I like to reminisce about the good old days...because now that Adam is back in school....AND working--we don't really see each other anymore. He is so busy all the time...and I am so proud of him--I just feel really bad. Pretty much his day goes like this: he wakes up at 6, goes to work at 7 for a couple hours then goes to class...sometimes he goes back to work...or he just goes straight to the library until maybe 8 or 9 at night....then he eats, and then finishes his night reading or writing something for class. If he is lucky we can throw in a quick 20 minute episode of friends. He's taking close to a billion classes...and staying strong in the A range....but it'll all be over in we're getting close. And as for me...I'm lucky if I'm up by 7:30 to be at work at 8 (not a morning person at all) to browse the internet for cute crafty ideas all day, and then when I get home I catch up on The Hill's or Friends. Rough...rough life!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Summer is coming to an end....

It's been a while since this blogs been written on so I thought I'd give a quick update on whats been going on in the Gooch abode....

To start, we got our first pet….our fish Fletcher.

And sadly to say –he didn’t last very long, I might’ve accidently filled up the tank a little much when I was cleaning it out, and the next morning when I went to go feed him I couldn’t find him…because he had jumped out of his tank…and dried up and died on Adam’s sunglasses, so that was kinda gross.

Secondly….we got the cutest little turtle from the Farmers, Adam named him Shredder, and well…he didn’t eat for about a week, so we pawned him off on Asa and snagged one of his turtles. This one is a lot healthier. Adam named him Keanu (he’s a reeve’s turtle) which was good because Shredder died like 3 days later….Keanu’s still kickin…

We finally got a chance to get everyone back together to have one more bon fire before the snow starts to come in….we just happen to build the fire where there were bullets all over the ground…we got lucky with only one bullet shooting off…

And lastly we had an amazing Labor day weekend. Adam and Eric's boss gave us a really good deal on one of his cabin's in Island Park. So us and the Farmer's took advantage, and it was so fun...and then the next day we finally got to go to Yellowstone, lucky for us it was maybe 50 degrees we got to freeze our little tooshi's off and play smack the bull....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Adam & Michelle Gooch Vacation (Post)

Well our vacation from Colorado is over. We had a great time. We arrived on Friday morning, with Mike's new Lancer (shark). We just relaxed and caught up with Mike and his wonderful life. Saturday we played in a softball tournament with Mike for UPS. Mother and Father showed up which Mike voluntarily invited. All of us received scraps and bruises for our hard work and great skills. But we let a couple other teams beat us because we felt sorry for them. Ok...we sucked, but had one win. We then went to a Rockies game in which they let the other team win as well. Aww who am I kidding, they suck too. After the game mom childishly smacked old ladies with a rolled up poncho, and threw peanuts at other cars as we drove home...sober. Sunday church and olympics. Monday Aarons house with Rockband the game.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Adam & Michelle Gooch Vacation (Pre)

Well hello! Been awhile since our last blog fest. Not much has happened this summer. We have just been enjoying the nice weather and company...of eachother. We have just been working and saving money for school once again in September. We have also been saving money to take a trip to Colorado to bless our family with our presence. Lucky lucky people. Our scooter has been great, we have saved mucho on gaso. I am thinking about getting a leather jacket, chaps, and a helmet that match the scooter. I would be so cool if I did that. Grades came out and of course I got all A's. That is how the Gooch's do it...ok maybe not. Well, we are taking a trip to Colorado in two days and we are way excited. I don't know if we are more excited to be away from work or to watch the Rockies loose. Anyway, we will let ya'll know.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Go America

Well hello fellow bloggers. All two of you. We have had a great 4th of July. Michelle and I drove to famous Rupert Idaho to experience there (once in a lifetime experience parade), Michelles words. It sure was an experience that I will see once. Just kidding...but seriously. We then joined the family in a mini reunion for a swim and a buffet at the cousins house. The rich cousin, that we stole lots of goodies from. Well, I would have if I wasn't so freakin honest and my values were different. So lets just imagine it. Okay don't imagine it because thoughts turn into actions. Just forget I said anything at all. We then went to a pretty good fireworks show put on by a local farmer. Crops must have been good this year. Overall, a great experience for the Gooch couple and Fennell family. The very next day, we drove to Salt Lake City to pick up our very new toy. A Scooter!!! We decided since the government wants to steal all our allowance by charging so much for gas, that they will buy us a scooter. (Stimulus check, suckers). We got a pretty good deal and we save a ton on gas. It gets about 100 miles to the gallon and gets up to 60 mph. Our friends are jealous. All three of them. Well they should be because my wife is so freakin hot driving it. Anyway, that is the news for now. School ends in two weeks...finally.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Eye got lucky

A bunch has happened since the last typing of blogness. I had a flag football game last week. I was acting as Champ Bailey (cornerback position). When chaos broke loose...that is the players name. Chaos caught the ball and broke loose. When I got to chaos, so did 3 other people. We all collided and my own teammate jabbed me in the eye. I tried to get up and realized that my left eye was not working properly. Naturally I punched my teammate in the face, but; since I could not see, I punched the wrong teammate. I eventually made my way to the sidelines where Michelle nurtured me while I was going into shock. One of the guys in charge said he was going to call an ambulance. I looked at him with my eye and told him my wife is right next to me and is an awesome driver and I don't feel like paying thousands of dollars because he is an idiot. We left to come to our humble abode so I could relax and become unshocked. Within the next hour, my eye seemed to start working properly once again. With the help of a loving, awesome driving spouse, humble abodes, and the Priesthood, eye got lucky.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Birthday Time Again

Well, I am now a quarter century old and all is well. My body still is amazing, well to Michelle. My brain is still very sharp, and I can still do math. So, being 25 is pretty good so far. Yesterday (my birthday) was a very busy day. Michelle made me breakfast at about 9:00. We then went and hit a bucket of golf balls, Tiger Woods style. (I am not sure what style that is really). Then Eric Liggett took me out to eat for lunch. At about 1:00, a bunch of us went to the Heise. The Heise is a lava hot springs place that has a really nice pool. Which was great because we ended up having some great weather yesterday too. After words I went and worked out with Eric Farmer. So I could keep my figure and still impress Michelle. Finally, we went to a camp/park with about 15 of us and had a bond fire and played some fun games. So there you have it. That was the great birthday of yesterday to celebrate my 25th year since I exited the womb and started this wonderful life. I want to thank all those who have helped me become what I am today and encourage those who have not helped me to do so (money).

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Finally the weather is decent. In fact, Michelle and I got sunburns. We went and played softball all day on Saturday. (Ok we just passed out at the pool for a few hours.) It was great. I am a little out of shape, but still play like the pros. Softball season starts here next week, as well as flag football (ward team that I am putting together). So we should stay active this summer.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Summer has begun,or has it?

Well, summer is supposed to be here. But it just snowed today. On May 1st (today), it freaken snowed!!!! But that is rexburg for you. It was 70 degrees yesterday and today white summer. Other than goose bumps and hopeful hearts, things are great. I have finally started school again. I am really trying not to get kicked out this time, I am tired of applying. However, I am still working full time at a company called Yellowstone Hotel Systems. So busy, busy, busy. I usually just do my homework at work, that way I can say that I get paid for being a student. It all works out.
Michelle is just as busy or she pretends so I can't complain. She is working full time at a company called Amet. She is also doing competitive softball for the school. I know you are thinking, "BYU-Idaho doesn't have competitive sports." Well they do, sortof. They are having 4 or 5 teams of girls play eachother. So the competition is okay. Not for Michelle though, she is amazing. She is the best pitcher (not drinking glass type), here. She is the assistant coach for her team, so she can yell and throw balls at them if they misbehaving (she does that to me all the time). She is also the head coach for a 10 year old girls softball team for the city. So, she is as active as...something active. Things are well, and they just seem to be getting weller. Whatever.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, here is the latest news. We just found out that Eric and Beth Farmer are pregnant. As well as Patrick and Cari Scott...again, horn dogs. So, Michelle is kind of baby hungry. (I don't mean to eat)
But instead of a baby, she wants a Puppy. Which would be okay with me because I enjoy those little mutts that eat my shoes and piss every where except the toilet. Ya, sounds like fun. However, our landlord will not put up with any pet whatsoever.