Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 2013

February was another beautiful month that we spent most of our time outside. The month started out perfect...because the Williams moved here!!! We were SO SO excited!! 

 For work Adam got to go to the Phoenix open and had a booth that was right off the 17th hole...he is in the black shirt there in the middle and that is Phil Michelson picking up his ball right in front.

 This picture below is when I realized our little baby is growing up! She looks so much older here!
 Adam left for a week of training so we had to make sure to skype with him every night...and Brynlee was so excited to see him! We sure like it a lot more when he is here. :)

 These are our best friends that we hang out with all of the time! Alyssa & Kinsley Campbell. They are just the sweetest girls and Kinz & Brynlee are about 20 days apart.
 Adam was gone on Valentines Day so Brynlee and I got to eat at Red Lobster..and she loved sea food! Girl after my own heart!

 We were at the park every minute we had a chance...especially on the weekends when Daddy could come too.

 Brynlee got her favorite new cuddle buddies, Daisy and Hightower, and she sleeps with them every night.

 Picnic at the park when Adam had the day off.
 I started packing (below) because we were moving at the end of the month, and Brynlee had the time of her life going through everything I was trying to pack and try it all on and play in everything.

 This girl LOVES otter pops and fruit...and I was in Heaven with the fruit deals that were all over the stores here! Another pro for the great AZ.
 She found the toilet paper...dun dun dunnnnn.
 We were SO excited to be able to get away for a little date to a spring training game! We dropped Brynlee off with Grandma, went out for amazing philly cheese steak sandwiches and then headed to our first of hopefully many spring training games...and it did not disappoint.

 Sure love this little one!