Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas in Idaho

It was so much fun to go back to Idaho for Christmas. Adam was able to get the whole week off which was really nice! Throughout the week we were there, Rachel and Heather's families had planned on coming to Rupert to see us but there were bad snow storms through the whole week. Mel and Steven were able to come up for Christmas Eve and Day and then they had to head back for work, so it was really fun to have them there too! But for the rest of the week it was just us and my parents. We were so excited for Brynlee to play in the snow and see how she liked it...and she loved it! She loved sledding even more, we went 3 different times while we were there and she would cry every time we would get her off to go back inside, even though she was freezing. Christmas Eve we had my Grandparents come over for dinner and we watched Joy to the World then my Grandpa read the scriptures, I always love when he does because he reminds me of the Christmases growing up. Christmas morning we opened presents and had our traditional Christmas breakfast, but the best part was that we got to skype with David! It was so much fun to see him! Later in the week we went bowling, which was super fun! It had been a long time since we've bowled. The before we went to the airport we headed to the new mall on temple square which was super nice...and super busy! It was sad to always. But we had a blast while we were there! 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Part 2

We decided it'd be a lot easier if we had our own Christmas to open all of our presents before we headed to Idaho. So the weekend before we left we did our own Christmas festivities that Saturday. Brynlee got the hang of opening presents after a little while, but lost interest soon after that, so we had to take little breaks in between opening them up. Adam and I had fun though, he got me an Apple tv and a gift card to go clothes shopping, and I got him a Kindle, which he was excited about, he's been wanting one for a while. We couldn't leave Boikins out either, so we got him a nice big bone for him to chew on all day. This first picture is a Christmas decoration that Grandma Gooch made that Adam grew up with, it's is favorite Chirstmas decoration from his childhood, so he loved having it hand in our house this year.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Part 1

Grandma and Grandpa Gooch came over to see us before we headed to Idaho for Christmas. And Brynlee sure loved seeing them! They were able to spend the evening with us so we had a nice little dinner and then opened presents with them. Brynlee got her first tent, and it was Mickey which made it that much better. I love watching Grandpa Gooch with his grandkids, they all just love him! And Grandma and Brynlee are just little buddies, they sure make each other happy!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Arizona in December

I just did a blog book for the first 3 years of our blog...and it was SO much fun to go back and read! It's made me mad at myself for not keeping up with the blog the past has been a whole year since I've written and now I'm motivated to catch up from where I left off...

To say the least December in Arizona is not a disappointment! It is BEAUTIFUL! The fact that we can go outside with short sleeves on is absolutely amazing in itself! :) I love it here, everywhere is so Christmasy. one of my favorite things is the palm trees with the lights up them. It's beautiful! We went to a couple of the malls and they had HUGE trees out in front of them. We also have gotten into hiking lately and have gone on some really pretty trails. We are a little limited with Brynlee so we go on smaller hikes, this one we went to the top of this little mountain and had a gorgeous view of the valley. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Idaho Trip Part Three

We headed to Rexburg to make it to Rachel's Witches Party. I had so much fun! I really want to start doing that here every year now. She had around 20 of her friends come over and we had dinner and sat and talked. There were some really fun witches costumes. So fun!

The next day we woke up to this....

Luckily Rachel had snow clothes for me and Brynlee! I really wanted Brynlee to go play in the snow to see how she would like it...and she LOVED it! It was so cute! Layton was the first to run out there and start playing...he was SO SO excited it snowed! So we played with him all morning. I'm good with one day of snow a year! :) 

Pure Joy! :)

 She didn't want to come back inside...

The last day we went back to Heather's. We went to dinner with some of her friends, and the got to play with her kids. It was really fun.

This trip seemed to go SO fast! We had so much crammed into one week...but we got to see everyone and had so much fun! We were really excited to get back to Adam though!! We missed him a ton...and I'm pretty sure he missed us too! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Idaho Trip Part Two

Mary and Brooklyn came up on Tuesday and stayed for a day. We had so much fun! It felt like we were back in high school again! We laughed SO much, were our old goofy selves and stayed up until 3 in the morning talking. I'm sad we only get to see each other a couple times a year, I just love that girl! Brynlee and Brooklyn are best friends, they had a ball together too. :)


I really wish I could have pictures where my eyes aren't closed...but what do ya do! We went to Gerdies, ate some yummy food and had some fun! At least Brynlee and Brooklyn look really happy in the picture! :)


My dad came home for a couple hours the last day before we left, so we had to get one more photo session in there. I was sad to leave Rupert, and for Mary to go back home too. But it was sure fun while it lasted!