Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pictures by Rachel

I just love my sister...I just think she is amazing! She took these pictures for me. Here are just a few that we've gotten so far...she took a ton, so I'll post more when I get them. But for now here is just a preview. She also took my maternity pictures for me. You can check out more pictures at

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Picture Overload

We are just having SO much fun being parents! We have had a couple sleepless nights...but it's all good, totally worth it. She is a really good baby, she hardly ever cries, unless she is hungry, she sleeps a lot, but she she's not sleeping she is completely content and we've even seen a few smiles out of her. We just think she is the cutest thing!

We have had a few visitors the past week. My mom stayed with us a few nights which was great since I couldn't really move. She made a lot of yummy food, did a lot of housework and loved on Brynlee. My Dad came to Stay with us when mom my had to go back, he was great doing shopping for us and letting us sleep a few more hours in the morning by watching our little angel.
Great Grandma and Grandpa Fennell
Leaving the hospital...

First bath by Grandma

Gooch Reunion

So we were a little bummed a couple weeks ago. The Gooch's had a family reunion in Yellowstone. We were by far the closest, and we couldn't even go. But luckily everyone decided to come see us at the end of the week. And it was SO much fun to have everyone here! It's been a little over a year since we've seen everyone, we just wish we could've seen Jared's family too.

The fam minus Jared

The kids playing football with Uncle Mike

Friday, August 5, 2011

Birth Story

So Wednesday was quite the surprise for us. So the girls in my family get the lucky gene and pretty much go up to their due date or past. I assumed that I'd be a lucky one once the doctor told me at 37 weeks that it was now safe to have the baby if she came and she wouldn't be premature. So of course I just assumed I would have her then, and since a lot of my friends who were pregnant at the same time all had their babies at least 2 weeks early...I spent the last 3 weeks of pregnancy just waiting to go into labor. So you can imagine my long disappointment when that didn't happen. We had to miss out on a Gooch family reunion that was in Yellowstone because it was the end of July, so last Friday and Saturday they all came up to stay with us so we could see everyone while they were in town. We really wanted to have the baby before they got there so they could meet her...that didn't happen either.

So I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday...the due date. The past two weeks/appointments I hadn't made any progress. So I went into the appointment knowing that it would be another week until they were going to start me because that's the longest they let you go past your due date. Well since I was 40 weeks they wanted to listen to the heart beat to make sure it was good and gave me another ultrasound to make sure my water was still good. The first shot of the ultrasound showed that she was breech, I knew that couldn't be good. So the doctor came in and told me that they were just going to send me to labor and delivery and I could either have a c-section or they could try to push the baby down, which hurts really bad and it could be dangerous to the baby. I went to the appointment alone, because I was 100% sure nothing was going to happen that day. So I was freaking out! I did NOT want a c-section...who does? So I told him my bags weren't packed yet and if I could go home and get that ready and come back with what we decided. I did great in the office...but once I stepped out I started bawling uncontrollably and called Adam..which freaked him out because I couldn't really talk for the first little while. He calmed me down let me know it was going to be ok, and I called my sister who also had a c-section and thats what she suggested I do. I guess the chances for them to change the position isn't that successful and does hurt extremely bad. So we were headed in for a c-section. After I stopped crying a got a grip...I was surprisingly calm the rest of the day. It was nice we took our time packing, getting the house all ready and then headed to the hospital.

It was kind of weird being awake during a surgery where they just had a drape between us so we couldn't see. But they had me numb from the chest down, so I couldn't feel a single thing. Adam was able to be right by my head the whole time which was comforting, and everything went really well! It was kind of nice to have the baby within about an hour of going into the hospital, since there were a ton of women who had been here all day, and didn't have their baby until the middle of the night. When they pulled her out they showed her to us, it was amazing! Of course I started crying, she was just so beautiful, and healthy which I was so thankful for. The doctor told us that she was very breech, her legs were up right next to her face, and said she had probably been breech the whole pregnancy. Adam got to go with her to the nursery and hold her while they finished with me. And then I had to go to a recovery room for a while to make sure everything was okay with me. So I didn't get to hold my baby until about an hour and a half after she was born. But it was just an amazing feeling! I just loved her even more instantly! They did have me set up on monitors before I went into surgery to watch the baby, and while I was getting prepped for surgery the nurse asked how I was feeling, she asked if I was feeling contractions, and I said no (I really didn't feel any with the whole pregnancy) she was surprised, she said I was having contractions every 3 minutes. So I guess I might havet gone into labor that day anyways, who knows, I just thought it was funny I had no idea. It was nice to make it through labor not having any labor pains at all. :) Granted recovery will be a little longer, but it's okay.

My parents and Mel and Dave came up that night to meet her, they didn't stay that long but it was fun for people to meet her. For most of the night my body was still pretty numb and the meds were wearing off so I felt great. Until about midnight the medicine had fully worn off and I was feeling the effects. They had me on pain killers which was nice, but I had to stand up around 6 in the morning, I have never been in so much pain! And it was SO hard to get out of bed and stand up, and then a few hours later I had to try to walk...brutal. A day later has already been such a huge difference! I'm still in a little pain but nothing like the first night, or what I'd imagined I'd be. So the c-section really wasn't that bad. I definitely worried way to much over it. We get to leave the hospital tonight which is bitter sweet. This hospital has been amazing! It's brand new which is nice...and the Dr's and nurses have just been amazing! But it will be nice to go home with our new little family and get settled in. We are just loving her SO much! I just can't get enough of her...I can't put her down, and I just stare at her. And I LOVE watching Adam with her, the cutest thing I've ever seen. It's been a great week!

Picture right before we left to the hospital
My last pregnancy picture...looking beautiful from crying forever before it was taken
Adam all ready for surgery
Adam kissing cute! He just LOVES her! :)
I brought a flower for her to wear...was a little big for her head at this point...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brynlee Jayde Gooch

Welcome Brynlee Jayde Gooch into the world

She is a mixture of cute, awesome, and darling

Family photo

Less than an hour old. Just chilling with dad after her eye ointment.

The two most beautiful girls

First family photo. 5 minutes old

Michelle's family came to visit