Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Times

We've had a busy week. Last weekend we went to Rupert and had a blast. We went straight to the high school, my little brother had a basketball game against Minico's rivals....Burley...dun dun dun. And it was AMAZING! It was SO much fun! both the JV and Varsity games were so close...the varsity game came down to the last possession...which was us--we won. And I was so proud of my little bro...he's such a stud--he's 6'10 and he had like 10 blocks all night ...and a ton of rebounds. The gym was packed...I love going to high school basketball games. There were a few of us that were able to go home that weekend...Mary and Brian and John and Meagan & Kaylee were also able to go, so it was so much fun being with everybody. It was just a fun lazy, wii playing, and basketball filled sort of a weekend. Sunday was a good day also, my cousin Brooke left on a mission this last week--so she spoke in church on Sunday, and it was so good, it was probably one of the best talks I've heard. She is going to be such a good missionary--I'm excited for her. It was fun to see a lot of extended family also.

It's funny that the weather has been good for about two or three weeks...and then once we plan to leave for the gets ugly and stormy. We left early on Sunday to head back before it got dark, and the roads were just horrible. It took us about an hour to go 20 miles, there were a lot of bad wrecks and cars off the road a long the way, so we made a smart decision to turn back and go back on Monday. Which I didn't mind...I got a snow day from work. Then Tuesday was fun...when we got up to go to work we walked outside and couldn't even breath because it burned your chest...our cars wouldn't was let was -35 degrees outside. So we decided it is really time for us to move on in ours lives and get out of here--so Adam went to a career fair in Provo on Wednesday and was able to talk with a lot of companies, so hopefully something good can come out of that.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas/Winter Wonderland

This year for Christmas we had planned on going to Spokane to Adam's brother house. Our plans quickly changed with all the snow that came Spokane's way the week of Christmas. So then we planned to maybe go to Vegas the day after and spend it with his dad...and that didn't happen either, we actually got snowed in in Rexburg, so we got to spend Christmas with just the two of us. Which was a little different not being surrounded by family, but it was good, we watched Joy to the World in the morning while we had milkshakes (Gooch family tradition) we played in the snow for a while, and then pretty much watched Heroes the rest of the night. We did get to go to my sisters house for Christmas Eve though. So it was good that we were able to be with some family for that, and it was a lot of fun...she has two boys and it was so fun to watch them act out the Nativity while their dad read it from the scriptures.

We also did Christmas a little different this year, we kind of made Christmas presents a month long thing. Adam graduated at the beginning of the month, and I got him a picture that was for graduation/Christmas, and then I bought myself a really cute clock from Deseret Book (I got a steal of a deal) And the Sunday before Christmas we went to my parents house because John & Meagan blessed their baby, so we had a mini celebration with my family, my parents gave us our presents and we gave them theirs. And then Adam surprised me two nights before Christmas with a beautiful stone nativity set, that he wanted me to open that night so we could enjoy it for a couple days before we packed all the Christmas stuff away. So a month later....I'm here to say we had a great Christmas, not to mention both of us got about a week and a half of paid vacation, which was a first, so it was great to sit around the whole time and make money off of it.

King of the Hill
We didn't move two of our cars (next to the blue car) for maybe 3 days, and they almost got snowed so much

This is my parents present from us kids, we got them the picture of George Washington, Prayer at Valley Forge, my dad is so cute when it comes to presents--he always gets teary eyed, especially this year because they told us not to get them anything because this year has been a little rough on everyone with the economy how it is, so when we pulled out this big box he got emotional even before he saw what it was...and continued to do so after he saw what it was. He's been wanting this picture forever.

My Parents with some of the grandkids...Kennedy, Layton, Kaylee & ToriEric, Lincoln, Adam & Kaylee