Monday, July 30, 2012

Wedding Presents :)

So when each of us in my family gets married my parent's presents to us are their talents! :) We just got ours the past couple months and LOVE them! My dad makes beds for everyone and my mom makes a bed spread and a beautiful wedding crosstitched picture. I am just SO darn thankful for my parents! I just love them so much, they have done SO SO much for us! I am extremely blessed! And...I miss them! We've always been so close to them, good thing it's a cheap flight away.

Itty Bitty Beach Party!

Man we love Arizona! I guess Scottsdale is ranked like #1 in the country to raise kids because they have so much here for them to do. A few girls in our ward and their kids all went to this itty bitty beach party at the community pool here. It was SO much fun! It was a free "beach" day at the pool. They had tons of things they were giving away and they also provided lunch. They had fun ways to teach pool/water safety and dance parties...and just endless fun! :) 
 Brynlee and Itty Bitty

 Zonked out right when we took off...played way to hard!
 And these pictures were from one night that Adam and I went on a date and our friends watched her and when we got home she was SO giddy and hyper and it was the cutest thing! It was one of those nights where I just didn't want to put her to bed because she was just so fun and so dang cute! This was the first time we pulled her hair up in a ponytail and it looked funny when we took it out. But when I finally did put her to bed she was playing around in her crib, so I probably stayed in there another 20 minutes playing with her there too. Gosh I love her!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Date Night!

So we haven't been on an official date for quite a while where it was just the two of us without Brynlee. So I arranged for a friend so watch her and surprised Adam with a fun night. I've been wanting to do this for quite a while and we were finally able to! This place was awesome! Friday night's are ladies nights, so girls get a free gun rental and lane, all you have to pay for is targets and ammo. So it was perfect! I was a little scared at first because...guns scare me. Adam has been wanted to get a gun for a while now but I haven't wanted him too...and when we were driving home I was telling him we really need to get one so we can go out to the desert and go shooting! It was SO much fun! As you can tell by the target...I was pretty bad when we first started..but by the end I started to get a hang of it and got a couple bulls eyes.

 Guess which side was mine :)

Cheeser! I sure love this guy!

4th of July

4th of July was ok this year...we've had better! :) ha. Just the fact that nothing goes on in Phoenix...because it's so dang hot. So there wasn't a parade...bummer...we didn't have all of the Fennell cousins around for a fun pool party...bummer, we weren't at the national monument for the best fireworks ever...bummer. But we did go to a ward breakfast which was yummy. We just kind of hung around all day. And it was actually a beautiful day outside! The high was like was overcast and just felt amazing! To bring a little 4th of July spirit in the day we went to a Diamondbacks game with some of our friends which was really fun! We were at the VERY top of the stadium! And they had a firework show after...and since we were at the very top there were some mount things up top that was blocking our view so we had to hurry and run out side to see them. I was a little nervous how Brynlee would react to them...but it was the cutest thing! She couldn't stop starring at them...and had huge eyes and her mouth open in amazement the whole time! She's a girl after her mommies heart! I love fireworks! 

Grandma Gooch

Grandma Gooch came to visit a couple week ago, and it was so fun to see her! She just loves Brynlee...and Brynlee of course loved being with her too! We went to Aaron and Danielle's for a dinner party. It was fun to be with everyone!

Friday, July 6, 2012


Our really good friends that we had when we lived out in DC just moved here about a month ago! I was so excited! So their little girl just turned two and we went to her birthday party. They like to go all out on them, I guess her 1st birthday they sent out 600 invites and had about 125 people come. And this one they had a lot of family and some friends and had it at one of the resorts here. So it was really fun! We just hung around the pool for a few hours, they had a big slide in it and when it got dark there was a smog machine and lights so it looked pretty cool...and Megamind was playing in the background. So it was a really fun night!
Brynlee with the Birthday girl :)


Adam got to go to Chicago for work while we went to Texas so it worked out perfectly so neither of us had to be left at home alone. :) He LOVED Chicago! Originally we were thinking about me and Brynlee flying out there at the end of the week when his training was done and just explore for the weekend,  but my parents came instead. Adam had quite the time at the airport also. He also flew out on Monday...but his flight was in the morning. Well his got delayed also, the plane had a crack in the windshield and the next flight wasn't until 5:30 that night. So he had to hang around the airport ALL day, which was a bummer because he wanted to check out Chicago and that was his night to do it.  But he was able to go to a Cubs game while he was there and had great seats, he thought Wrigley field was awesome, because it's still so old school. Some day we'll go back so we can spend more time there. 


My Parents Visit

So my parents drove out here to see us, and we loved having them here! They came the perfect week too, because they whole time they were here it was only like 100, the next few weeks after that have been consistently around 112. They only spent 2 1/2 days in Phoenix since we were in Texas the rest of the week, so we had a to cram everything in those couple of days. We spent a lot of time out at the pool, and went hottubbing every night. Friday I gave them a tour all around here, where Adam works, and then we went to see the Mesa Temple. And played a fun game that night, Cash Flow...I won! :) And then Saturday Adam took my Dad golfing while me and my Mom went and got pedicures and did a little shopping. And then that night we went to that nice resort that Adam took me to and just hung out for a little bit. And then they took off on Sunday morning. :( It was sad to see them go, it was really lonely that next week to not have anyone here with me and Brynlee all day. But we were so glad that they were able to come!
 My parents loved all of the cactus that was at the temple the have an area with a ton of different we had to get a picture with them in front of it!

 At the resort

Trip to Texas

My parents came out to visit in June and it was so much fun! They got in Sunday night and we flew out Monday afternoon (after swimming of course!:) to Texas to see my Grandparents and family there. It was such a good trip! I am so grateful me and Brynlee were able to go see them. My poor Grandpa is not doing so well right now, a while ago he was diagnosed with Parkinsons, and we were actually very surprised at how poorly he was doing. It was very hard to see my Grandpa in this state. He is just one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. He didn't talk a whole lot the whole trip, he had to moved around in a wheel chair, and just sat in his chair the whole time because he was in so much pain. After we got back we found out that he has really bad bone cancer through out his body. Breaks my heart. I said I am SO grateful we were able to make it out there to see them again!
 Brynlee Grandpa and Grandma on the plane

 Brynlee meeting Great Grandma Cupp for the 1st time
 Evan and Preston were able to come over for a couple of's always fun to see them! :)

 Cousins Thomas, his wife Jennifer, and Ashley & Ray. Their parents have about 30 real live Texas Longhorns :) It was fun to see them!

 Right before we was sad to go.
 Oh and a great story about our the way out Brynlee did great! We had a later flight so she started getting fussy right as we were descending and then fell asleep for the last 20 minutes maybe...which I won't complain. I will say it was AMAZING flying with my parents and having two other people help entertain her. The flight back was over an hour delayed, while we were waiting there one of the guys that was on our flights was arrested and taken away in handcuffs which was a little scary...I'm glad he didn't get on the plane. So we finally get on the plane and I'm a little worried thinking we just wasted 1 good hour of Brynlee being good on the plane. Well she did amazing the whole flight! And right when we were about to descend, I felt her have a blow out on me...we were in the back of the plane and I was wearing khakis, so I had to walk all the way through the plane...with both of us having poopy pants. Finally got that taken care of and when we sat down Brynlee started SCREAMING uncontrollably! For probably 20 minutes...we think her ears were bothering her and maybe wouldn't pop. Right before we landed all of the sudden she just completely stopped and laid her head on my arm just look across from us and I was goodness she is being so good! So I turn her around to face me and the projectile vomits ALL over me! Gross...but it was like a garden hose coming out of her mouth! I was honestly covered from my collar bone to my of course when we landed there was a little delay getting off the plane and I was getting SO frustrated because I stunk SO SO bad and was disgusting and was getting sick myself. So I walked off the plane looking like I peed myself...mind you I was wearing khakis which made it looks horrible...and I just wrapped one of Brynlee's blankets around me while I walked around the airport until we got our stuff and I could change. It was horrible! But I am glad  I had my parents there to help me after that too! :)