Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was a lot of fun. The past two Christmas's that we've been married, we didnt' really do a very good job keeping our presents to each other a secret. The first year we would go shopping and pretty much picked out our own presents, and knew everything we were getting. Last year, we opened all of our presents before Christmas for some reason, and ended up getting snowed in Rexburg, so we didn't have anything to open on Christmas day. So this year we did it right, neither of us knew anything we were getting, so it was really fun being anxious seeing the presents under the tree actually not knowing what they were. And I must say, Adam is very good at present shopping. We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house, had dinner and watched Joy to the World, and read in the scriptures the Nativity story. Christmas morning we spent it at our house, opened presents, had milkshakes, and played with our new toys. And then went back to my parents house to celebrate the rest of the day. We had a really good time with everyone here, although we did however miss Mary, Stacy, Heather and the Gooch family. My parents got a Wii this year, so everyone had a lot of fun with that. It's a tradition that every year we go to the church, and we usually play basketball which the boys love, but this year we changed it up a little and played volleyball. It was SO much fun! All of the girls loved it! And the boys were good sports about it, but I think they really like it too. We had a good time, we ate a ton of junk food, probably gained like ten pounds, played lots of games, and enjoyed everyone's company. It was a good Christmas.

Playing intense racing game
I think this was one of the only pictures of us together on Christmas, of course my eyes had to be shut
My Grandpa kept asking me and Melanie what we were getting him for Christmas, so we decided to get him a snuggie, because they are hillarious, and made him try it on for us, he absolutely LOVED it

Playing in the snow, marking our territory

We got Grandpa to bowl on the Wii, he he actually did really well, he got the top score on his first game, he just loved it!