Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Big Move

13 states later and we finally made it. We took a cross country trip from Idaho to Maryland and it was so much fun to see all the different states--minus the whole state of Wyoming and most of Kansas. It's SO pretty out here with trees and shrubs everywhere! We took our time coming out here--we spent about a week in Colorado with Adam's mom and brother Mike--and then took about 4 days to finish the trip. Our first night we stayed in Kansas City-which was a horrible and confusing city to drive through. But it was fun--we went to Liberty Jail--and it was so neat to be there--we were the only ones there when we showed up so the cutest grandpa missionary took us around for the tour and was just so passionate about all of the stories and so emotional--so it made it a great experience. Just for all who are wondering Liberty Jail is where Joseph Smith received all the revelation for D&C 121-123. Someone can correct me if i'm wrong but I believe that they were there for 4 months--December through April, of course the coldest months of the year--and it was short enough that they couldn't stand up straight in it. Anyways--here are some of the pictures from it.

The top pictures is how thick the walls were so that they couldn't sneek out--it was four feet thick--and the bottom picture is about a foot long and thats all the ventilation they had, and their source of light. And the picture of Christ you see through there wasn't planned one of the quarm of the 12 noticed that while they were there to visit, so thats kinda cool.

The further east we got the prettier. It was actually a really fun road trip--we were both kinda dreading the 34 hour drive, but it was fun to drive cross country with eathother. Here are some of our sights--

Biggest Cross Ever...

Kansas City

And this is for Rachel...Columbus Ohio, I should probably be paid for advertising for Fed Ex

And for Kevin...West Virginia--so pretty!

And as for now Adam is having a great time learning how to install security systems--he got thrown right into it, it was kind of a last minute decision to come out here--so he only got one day of training...and the first day of sales out here they were short on tech's so from day one he got to fly hopefully he can start to enjoy it here pretty soon. And i'm working in the office--I'm in charge of all the paperwork--so hopefully in the next little bit I'll be doing that in the morning and going out with Adam the rest of the day to help him install, which hopefully I will be more of a help than hinder to him so we can get a lot more done.