Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break 2011

The great thing about working for a spring break! I forgot how much I loved this week growing up! I love my job...but it's always nice to have some time off. It was just a great relaxing week. I really didn't do a whole lot the first part of the week, and that Friday-Sunday we went to Salt Lake and had so much fun! We just wanted to do a little mini get away. So we got a hotel that was right across the street from Temple Square, and didn't have to drive the whole rest of the weekend, it was great. All that I really wanted for the week was nice weather...that didn't happen, but thats okay. Our ride down was quite crappy though, we seriously were driving through a blizzard for about an hour of it.

When we first got there we went straight to the humanitarian center. We had never been there before so we thought it would be fun to just go work for a couple hours and help out. We were in the school station, so we got to stuff school bags, and it was actually really fun. We were there for about an hour and a half and stuffed about 300 hundred bags. So we felt pretty good about our time spent. :) When we were done there we heading to the Salt Lake Temple to do a session, which I just LOVED! We haven't been back to that temple since we were married there, and I absolutely loved being back there! That is just the prettiest temple, I think everyone should go there at least once. It brought back so many good memories for me. So that was a good experience.
Saturday was super fun! We just went shopping at the Gateway mall for most of the day. And it was actually a decent day so it was nice to be outside walking around. When we first found out we were pregnant we were in Salt Lake for a weekend and found this little newborn Jordan set, they had a pink one for a girl and a red and black one for boys, so we had to go back this time and pink up the little pink set...cutest thing ever! I can't wait to see her in it!

That night was SO much fun! We got hooked up with free tickets to that Jazz game from one of our friends, for the lower bowl row 26. Which was a totally different ballgame for us since we are always in the upper bowl, last game we were on the very last row. So we showed up an hour early this time to watch them warm up. They played Dallas, we like them--thats who we were cheering for, so it was fun to be so close and see them upclose. I actually got asked to be in the half time show for the little races they do, this one was for a tire race, but since I'm pregnant, I decided I probably shouldn't, but it would've been cool.

Here's us with Dirk in the back...he's our favorite from Dallas...and just LOVED his little capri's he was wearing to warm up in...not.
And here's a lovely update on the preggo picture...25 weeks.