Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brynlee's Blessing

Brynlee was blessed by Adam on October 9th. And it was such an AMAZING beautiful day! Adam gave such an amazing blessing. And Brynlee was just so beautiful all in white. It was just one of those days that I absolutely loved and will remember forever. The spirit was just so strong, and it was so much fun to have all of our family that could make it there. 

We don't have a Costco card so we borrow my mom's. We have been there SO many times and have never had a problem. Well we showed up Saturday right before Costco closed to pick up the meat tray and rolls for the next day...and got up to check out, and for the first time ever they checked the card, and wouldn't let us check out because my mom wasn't with us. I was so upset! I started crying because that was the main course for the next day, and there was no way we could get a meat tray ordered from anywhere else for the next day because it was so late. So we just went to Winco and loaded up on their  prepackaged meat...and everything worked out just dandy.  Nothing that day could've gone wrong.

Fennell Clan
Grandma & Grandpa Fennell
Great Grandma & Grandpa Fennell

Grandma & Grandpa Gooch
Gooch Clan
Beautiful Bryns

Thursday, October 20, 2011

2 Months

I am SO obsessed and SO in love with this little girl!!! Oh my goodness she is just so much fun! And I can't believe she is already 2 1/2 months old! She is just growing so dang fast! I took her in for her two month appointment, she weighs 10.4 oz and is 24 in. which puts her in the 20th percentile for weight and 87 percentile for hight. So she is just tall and skinny. :) We had a VERY rough appointment. I always heard how horrible it is when they get was the worst. They had me hold onto her hands while she got her shots, and just looking into her eyes when they gave her the shots was horrible! The had the saddest, scared, painful look. I have never seen her scream so hard. I couldn't take it, so I started crying, and the poor nurse that was in there--it was her 2nd week working...and she started crying. And when we got home, it was so sad I couldn't even touch her she was in so much pain. I had to change her diaper and couldn't get the diaper off because she was screaming so much, so I start bawling again and called Adam out to change her because I didn't know what to do. So I couldn't even hold her to comfort her, I just had to put her in her swing, thankfully she was able to sleep quite a bit. I'm glad that day is over, and not looking forward to the next shot day.

likes at 2 months:
-she LOVES her hands she stares at them all day and makes the cutest little grunting noise
-grunts ALL the time
-she is smiling SO much and it is the cutest thing
-she laughed out loud for the first new favorite thing in the world
-she LOVES stroller rides
-loves bath time
-she loves to be cuddled...but loves to be by herself, and will just randomly start to scream while your holding her until you put her down and she instantly becomes happy
-loves to be sung too...and will get this funny grin on her face because my voice is so bad :)

-absolutely HATES her car seat
-hates immunizations worse
-hates being swaddled...but falls asleep right after (she loves her freedom)
-already hates headbands...but I've gotta put them on anyways they are so cute

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Elder Fennell

My little brother David is one of my absolute favorite people in the world! He is the cutest little 6'10 person I know! He just left for a Spanish speaking mission to Philadelphia PA 3 weeks ago. I made sure to get as much David time in before he left as I could, and we had some good times. For he farewell EVERYONE in my family was able to make it...which was amazing. We haven't had everyone together for 6 years, so it was SOO much fun! I just love my family. And David gave such an amazing talk! He is going to be such a good missionary, I miss him, but he's where he's supposed to be. And I'm so proud of him!
He had his eagle court of honor that weekend also. (And if i may...give a shout out to my hair there in the left, my little sis Mel did it, it's called a waterfall braid, I LOVE it!)
Since everyone was coming to town for David's farewell, there was also a big Fennell family reunion, with all of my dad's siblings. And that was really fun, we went to this place that had huge water slides, volleyball, and a zip line.

Adam in action...
Davey Baby
David came up to visit us before he left so we could go fishing one more time. It was really fun.
Had to throw in a random picture of the little cutie
Last picture with Dave and Bryns

And pictures at Sizzler right before he went into the MTC


The Scott's came to see us a little while back and we had SO much fun with them! It was so fun to see them again! We just hung out and caught up the first night they were here, and then the next day we went to the canyon, had a nice little lunch in the park and then checked out the pretty falls. Their boys are just adorable, and it was so fun to meet Tyler! Thanks for coming Scotts!!

The boys were great with Boikins...they LOVED him!