Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sugar Beet for Halloween

For this Halloween we decided to unload trucks and trucks filled with Beets. We actually did this for the entire month of October. It was the best time of my life...I decided I want to be a big sugar beet when I grow up. We started at about 7 am work until about 10 at night. Standing all day in the cold while Michelle was in a heated shack with chairs; greatest time of my life. It was good money though so I can't complain. Well enough said...just take a look at how fun this was.

This is the crew that ran the piler. Adam-operator, Aaron-platform worker, Michelle-Tear Shack boss, Melanie-Tear Shacker helper
Michelle hard at work...

Adam hard at work...Adam with his co-worker. Talk about a lot of beets huh?
Michelle with her little baby sister. This is the end of one of our piles we made. We made two of these, probably about 300 yards long too!
Well that is it. Now you know what some of the harvest is all about.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Before the harvest we finally had the opportunity to do something we waited all summer because we couldn't do it back east....camping! And it was so much fun! We had perfect timing too because it great weather for that day a night...we got to do a little fishing, and then it snowed the next night. I haven't always been the biggest fan of camping, but we went last summer with our friends and loved it. So this past summer I was just so upset that we couldn't go camping, so I was so happy we had the chance to before the weather got bad.

Monday, November 9, 2009


So back when we made our journey back from the east almost two months ago we stopped by Nauvoo and Carthage jail. And let me tell was amazing! I was so glad that we had the opportunity to stop by there. It just strengthens my respect for the pioneers and Joseph Smith 100 times! The Nauvoo temple is just beautiful! We were able to go in and do a session and see the inside, and I couldn't believe how pretty it was. They had the original font, and the outside of the temple is 99% replica of the temple the pioneers made.
This is the original door from the jail, the middle hole is the bullet hole that kille Hyrum, and the hole on the side is where they broke the lock to get in the room