Saturday, February 19, 2011

As of Late...

Time just flies by SOO fast!! February is almost over...and then it'll be spring break, and then the school year will be over. I'm just amazed at how quick this year has gone! I'm still absolutely loving my job, cutest kids ever (most of them :) I got to experience my first valentines day there and it was so much fun. I could NOT believe how much stuff those little kids got! Seriously amazing...they are going to have a lot of expectations through the rest of their life...just sayin. I have a pretty big front office, and seriously it was FILLED with flowers, balloons, cookies, baskets...everything. But it was really fun to be surrounded by that. And it was funny because I had a couple kids that walked by and were like "Wow Michelle! Are ALL of those for you??? You're SO lucky!" And was little girl was like..."You decorated your office so pretty!" Haha...thank you! I got to make my own little valentine's box, and actually got quite a bit, it just made my day, I just love those kids!

There's this really cute 2nd grade boy that just loves hanging out at my desk..even when he's late in the morning, I have to tell him like 5 times to go to class, anyways, one day he was getting picked up so he was waiting for his mom to get there. He was talking to me and this was our conversation...

Boy: I taught my two year old brother to ride a bike and skateboard. I just wish I could learn how to ride a scooter.

Me: I have a motor scooter

Boy: Ya me too. I have like 3, one of them goes like a million miles an hour...but I can run faster than that...easy...I can run faster than any scooter.

Me: You can run a million miles an hour?!?!

Boy: Probably faster...I can probably run like infinity miles an hour. I have to use the bathroom, if my mom shows up tell her I'll be out in about an usually takes me about an hour to use the bathroom.

I guess in 2nd grade they haven't learned the concept of time yet :)

As a pregnacy update, things are really good lately, I had a doctors appointment 2 weeks ago and we heard that heart beat, that was very cool! I've been feeling pretty darn good. There was about a month in there that I was pretty nauseous. And then for a couple weeks, I was getting really bad cramps in my lower stomach that hurt pretty bad, got over that. And this whole time...I'm ALWAYS tired! Seriously, I just come home from work completely pooped. And I have to fight to stay awake for the evening. Last weekend I would seriously fall asleep at 6 or 7 at night and sleep through the next morning. I am starting to get a little baby bump, but not really showing yet. We find out in a week what we're having!!! I'll be 18 weeks then...we're SO excited! Last weekend we went to the temple in Twin and decided to go to the most amazing clothes store's called Once Upon a Child. Some may think it's gross...I think it's AMAZING! I seriously was on the biggest high after that store, it's a "gently used" clothes store for babies. So all of their clothes look brand new and a lot of them are name brand clothes, not that I care at all for name brand for little kids, but when a whole outfit is like $2.50...why not?? We had to have self control and not buy anything....until we find out what we're having. So I'm pretty excited!