Friday, August 22, 2008

Adam & Michelle Gooch Vacation (Post)

Well our vacation from Colorado is over. We had a great time. We arrived on Friday morning, with Mike's new Lancer (shark). We just relaxed and caught up with Mike and his wonderful life. Saturday we played in a softball tournament with Mike for UPS. Mother and Father showed up which Mike voluntarily invited. All of us received scraps and bruises for our hard work and great skills. But we let a couple other teams beat us because we felt sorry for them. Ok...we sucked, but had one win. We then went to a Rockies game in which they let the other team win as well. Aww who am I kidding, they suck too. After the game mom childishly smacked old ladies with a rolled up poncho, and threw peanuts at other cars as we drove home...sober. Sunday church and olympics. Monday Aarons house with Rockband the game.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Adam & Michelle Gooch Vacation (Pre)

Well hello! Been awhile since our last blog fest. Not much has happened this summer. We have just been enjoying the nice weather and company...of eachother. We have just been working and saving money for school once again in September. We have also been saving money to take a trip to Colorado to bless our family with our presence. Lucky lucky people. Our scooter has been great, we have saved mucho on gaso. I am thinking about getting a leather jacket, chaps, and a helmet that match the scooter. I would be so cool if I did that. Grades came out and of course I got all A's. That is how the Gooch's do it...ok maybe not. Well, we are taking a trip to Colorado in two days and we are way excited. I don't know if we are more excited to be away from work or to watch the Rockies loose. Anyway, we will let ya'll know.