Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adam's Birthday!

Adam is 29!!! Woo! We had a really fun day! Usually if we have a workday on our birthday's  we take it off so we can party all day...but since Adam has a real job now...he had to go to work. So it didn't give us a whole lot of time to play. So Brynlee and I took him a birthday shake into work so we could see him for a little bit. And he did have a good day at work because the bought a cheesecake factory strawberry cheesecake for his birthday for everyone...and we got the left overs, so that rocked. And then when he got home he opened presents, and we went to dinner at Carrabba's which was really good. And had some birthday cake. It was so much fun! I just love this guy so much! I'm not kidding...seriously the greatest thing that has happened to me! 

 He finally got a Manning Jersey! Holla

 My new favorite picture!
 The yummiest ice cream cake! Oh it was SO good!

Mother's Day

I LOVED that I could actually celebrate mother's a mom! It was SO much fun! Adam took me shopping the night before and I got to get a new outfit. And then I didn't have to do anything on Sunday! All day he was like "it's Mother's Day...let me do it!"...and I did...and it was great! He made and amazingly yummy breakfast, he changed Brynlee every time, took the dog out every time he needed to go...made dinner and did the dishes. When I told his mom that how amazing he was, he was like "uh...I usually help with that stuff anyways." So to clarify...yes he does, but not to where I just get to sit all day. :) Mother's day was just extra special because I have such a SPECIAL little girl that I got to celebrate with!
 Gosh I love these two!

Splash Pads

So my really good friend here Chelsie, has just been a lifesaver! I was just telling Adam yesterday I am SO thankful I met her as early as I did her because she has totally helped make the transition moving here away from family so much easier! She knows everything here! And I am just amazed at how much they have to do here for kids. So we usually get together a couple times a week and go to parks, story time, swimming, and splash pads and it's so much fun! And Brynlee loves it! So there are a couple splash pad's we've gone too, that have been really nice!

And these are her cute little friends Alyssa and Kinsly

Mesa Temple

This place is BEAUTIFUL!!!! We were finally able to go a couple weeks ago. We've always wanted to go to this temple, and it was just so pretty inside and out!


We LOVE the pool! And the greatest does Brynlee! Me and her go out to the pool a few times a week, and then on the weekend we usually spend a couple hours out there. That is what Adam looks forward to the most. It is just so I love the sun! Brynlee just gets so happy when we get in the water. She just splashes forever and loves being in her little floaty and kicks her feet like crazy. Now that it's starting to be up in the 100's we'll probably be living out there!