Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 2013

We'll try to get back on track again with this blog. I did a blog book a few months ago and LOVED going through and reading about old memories and would really like to get up to date we'll take it a month at a time before we get there. :) 

Like I've said 1,000 times before WE LOVE ARIZONA!!! In January we were so pleasantly surprised at how nice it was outside...that we had to be out there all the time!

These two are just the best of friends...Boikins loves to ride one her lap in the car...
 New Years sparklers
 We would push Brynlee around in this tote and she loved it so she thought she would share the love with Boikins...who didn't love it as much.
 Every day is a good day to dress up :)

 We went for multiple walks to the park...and found treasures

 These two pictures pretty much sums up shower time, I try to hurry as fast as I can, meanwhile she is enjoying taking EVERYTHING out of the counters and trying on my make up.
 Loves Daddy's hats

 We couldn't have been more excited for our first grapefruit season! We had a friend that their family doesn't like grapefruit and let us come pick everything we wanted. We also got a slew of grapefruit from Adam's Grandparents...which was amazing and some from other members of our ward. It was a successful season for us.

 Babysitting over at Hazel and Ty's...Brynlee's best friends

 We just can't get enough of that park! Look at that genuine smile!

 We had a super fun family day at the Hole in the Rock with Kim & Danielle and their kids, we did a little hiking and playing...and eating.

 Then on Presidents day we headed to the zoo...Brynlee wasn't quite old enough to appreciate it, but Tia and Tara sure loved taking sure caring her around and taking care of her! They are such good cousins. It was a beautiful day to be outside and it made it better to be with family.

 She was out before we even made it out of the park. Can't resist this cute sleeping face!