Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bear Lake

A few months ago we decided that we should do a little get together with all of our good friends from college. So we planned a trip with everyone to Bear Lake to go camping during the 4th of July weekend, not everyone was able to come, but we had SO much fun with the ones that could fun! It was so fun to all be together again. We went with Beth, Eric & Lincoln Farmer, and Patrick, Cari, Jacob & Ethan Scott. It was a lot of fun to go camping with kids too, they are so dang cute and so fun! Before everyone got there Adam got a kill...his first chipmunk

So rumor had it that there were so REALLY cool ice caves that were by we drove FOREVER to get there...and not that cool...and not that big, but we had fun looking around them anyways.
Adam the monkey boy

They set up a little target area and shot a bb gun
Then saturday was when we planned to go the Lake, and when we got there it was FREEZING!! It was super windy and just plain cold...hince everyone in sweaters on the beach. But we ended up having a good time anyways, the kids had a blast in the sand, the boys actually went out in the water and threw a football around...Here's Adam and Linc

Gooch's and Famers :)
Adam and Quinn
Went went to the local firework show that night...don't worry it didn't warm up at all, in fact it was 58 degrees, we waited around for almost 3 hours, and they shot like 15 fireworks within 30 minutes...but I think the kids enjoyed it so thats good.
The Friday through Sunday morning crew...
Mary and Brian were able to come up on Sunday and stay with us through Monday...and once again we had SO much fun! We went to the Paris Springs that were just right by our campsite that were really pretty...what a HUNK!

We went back to Bear Lake on Monday and the weather was A LOT better, it was still a little windy but this time were were able to come out with some color...we were completely FRIED when we left and we were only there a couple hours, we could barley move the next couple days, so we didn't we just sat around :) But is just so pretty there!
We got a raft before we went and Mary and I had a lot of fun in was so relaxing!
The Sunday night/Monday crew

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family Funzies

We had a fun couple of weeks. Stacy and her boys came up for a couple of weeks from Alabama. And we were able to see quite a bit of the family here and there and just party. We went to Pocatello to a really fun water park that they had...our favorite thing was the lazy pool...I think we were in there for the majority of the day. We had so much fun with everybody.

We went to a nice little fishing spot up in Hagerman, that had a ton of fish. But only two of us ended up catching a fish...Kyler caught the first one...which was the biggest. And I caught the second...which is actually the first fish I've ever caugh, it was a little guy, but I was proud nonetheless.

Everyone came out to our house for the evening for a "joint birthday party" for me and my nephew Evan. We had dinner...had some smores and just played around.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Beginnings of Summer....

I am a little behind...but here's whats been going on in the Gooch abode. My baby brother graduated high's so weird that he's all grown up...the last one to graduate in my family. He had a seminary graduation, that he spoke at and did really well...and then his high school. It was fun that most of the family was able to come up for.

I had a great birthday this year, Adam did a great job with presents for me, he got me a new blow dryer, which was awesome because I've had the same one since I was a freshmen in high school, and a chi straightener which I LOVE. We went and hit a bucket of balls and went to dinner. It was a really fun day.

We Celebrated Adam's birthday....he didn't get to have the greatest birthday...he was sick and had to work the whole day. But we were able to at least open presents and have confetti cupcakes, which just makes for a great birthday :)