Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We were finally able to go to the Washington DC temple....BEAUTIFUL! We loved it! Anyways I thought I would add a quick post before everything goes crazy is my last day of work, I am going to visit my sister Stacy in Alabama for a few days, when I get back it's Adam's last day--we are going to play here for a few days at six flags and probably DC one more time...and then we leave for our cruise! Then we get to make the journey back across the USA.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Family in Town

About a month ago but my family came out and stayed with us for about a week--and it was such a blast!! We were able to do and see so much. I was extremely upset because i had gotten a new memory card before they came out...and I took about 300 pictures and it just happened to be a "bad" one and I lost all of my pictures!! I was so I had to wait for my sister to email me all of thats why i'm a little late putting them up. you have it...
We went to an orioles baseball game...

We went to Ocean City to the beach, it was just a nice clean pretty beach...which makes for a nice day--we played out in the waves--which the water was really warm--threw a ball around..and we thought we found a jelly fish...

A little disclaimer to the beach: I came out here like 7 years ago for a student council covention in DC--and we went to Virginia Beach....and I remember i LOVED the salt water taffy because it was fresh and delicious, so when we showed up to the beach, I told Melanie that we HAD to get some because it's the best we go into the first store and i'ts about $8 a pound (box) but it was buy three get one free--we just thought it was a steal of a deal, so we spent like $25...a couple hours later we were going through some of the stores and found more taffy for...99 cents a box! I was SO upset...what a horrible impulsive decision it was on my part!

One thing that I've been SO excited to do out here is go "crab picking" is what they like to call it out here--It was probably one of the best experiences I've had eating before :) for those of you have never eaten fresh crab...they put paper over the table and just throw the crab on it--give you a little hammer and knife--and you go to town...we were there for like 3 hours because it took so long picking all the meat out...but it was SO fun and so delicious!

Adam and David don't like sea food for some they enjoyed some nice ribs...this is both of us really excited to eat, I had to add a picture of Adam here because this is the only thing that he was able to do with us...he had to work the whole week :(
We spent about 4 days in DC going to Arlington cemetery, the capitol, lincoln memorial, vietnam cemetery, union station, ford's theater, china town, when all the way to the top of the Washington monument (555 feet) and more... We took a tour bus all around DC which was really definately saved our legs and feet a little bit of aching...and it was nice because they would give facts and stories of the different places and events--
For these two lovely pictures we were waiting for our tour bus so we decided to do a couple handstand contests and cartwheels...I'd like to think that I'm not to old yet...that I could still do them...but clearly i'm not--I honestly couldn't do either...see below for details
Vietnam Cemetery Wall

A few of my favorite things, the American flag, DC, and David

It was so much fun having them out here! It was a sad day when they left--but I'm so glad that they decided to come out and visit us!