Saturday, September 18, 2010


Last weekend was such a ball! We had a girls weekend in Logan at Time out For Women...and it was SO good and SO much fun! Just to give a little taste--Friday night was Sheri Dew as the speaker and the music was by Dylan Bailes, oh my gosh! He was AMAZING! He is Phantom and has been Raoul, in the braodway in New York, he preformed all over the world. And he started out in Les Miserables. He was absolutely fantastic! We loved listening to him. And then Saturday the speakers were Kris Belcher, Deanne Flynn, Wendy Ulrich, & Brad Wilcox, and the music was by Hilary Weeks, and they were just all awesome! If you haven't ever heard of those speakers, just got to Deseret Book, they've written a lot of the books that are sold there :) It was so good and uplifting, the theme was Infinite Hope. We got a hotel that night and that was fun to stay together and play games, and then the next day we hung out at the conference all day and went to lunch at Olive Garden, and it was so much fun. Great weekend.

I just thought I would show this off, I saw a recipe and thought it looked AWESOME, so I tried it...and it was! I was proud of myself :)
Two weekends ago we went to Rexburg, and of course we had fun there. We Stayed with John and Meagan and had a lot of fun with them. And that Saturday we went to Ashton with a couple of our friends and floated the river with them. And we had so much fun! Thats such a pretty float! Adam and I had rafts from Wal-Mart, so we were nice and comfy but the other two just had tire tubes and I felt so bad for them...the water was FREEZING! And towards the end it was cloudy and getting kind of cold outside, but we had fun none the less. We also got to float right by a black bear, it was down in the water drinking and then it turned around and went up the hill. That was pretty cool. We sure miss all of our college buddies.