Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gooch Addition

We decided the world needed another bring chaos and make non-Gooches miserable. So Aug 3rd is the supposed time that this will come to pass. Michelle is now 3 months along and is very excited and nervous all at the same time. Adam is just chillin waited to play ball with his new, buff son. We did receive an ultrasound picture. We do know so far that the baby is just over 2 inches, has a head, a butt and atleast one arm (which he was probably flipping us off with because we woke him up). The rest we could not see or is not developed yet.
We want to thank everyone for the congrats and acting excited. The best reaction in the Fennell family goes out to Melanie. That fiery redhead sure knows how to make us feel good and give praise. The best reaction in the Gooch family goes out to Mike. For usually being reserved and quiet on the phone, he sure did make some good noise. Lastly the best reaction for friends goes out to Beth Farmer, considering I could not hear anything she was yelling.

Thanks everyone and we will keep you informed