Monday, July 7, 2008

Go America

Well hello fellow bloggers. All two of you. We have had a great 4th of July. Michelle and I drove to famous Rupert Idaho to experience there (once in a lifetime experience parade), Michelles words. It sure was an experience that I will see once. Just kidding...but seriously. We then joined the family in a mini reunion for a swim and a buffet at the cousins house. The rich cousin, that we stole lots of goodies from. Well, I would have if I wasn't so freakin honest and my values were different. So lets just imagine it. Okay don't imagine it because thoughts turn into actions. Just forget I said anything at all. We then went to a pretty good fireworks show put on by a local farmer. Crops must have been good this year. Overall, a great experience for the Gooch couple and Fennell family. The very next day, we drove to Salt Lake City to pick up our very new toy. A Scooter!!! We decided since the government wants to steal all our allowance by charging so much for gas, that they will buy us a scooter. (Stimulus check, suckers). We got a pretty good deal and we save a ton on gas. It gets about 100 miles to the gallon and gets up to 60 mph. Our friends are jealous. All three of them. Well they should be because my wife is so freakin hot driving it. Anyway, that is the news for now. School ends in two weeks...finally.