Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 2013 Part Two

My parents came out for a visit with Mel...which always makes for a party! I love that wherever we live they always make the effort to come see us at least once a year. I was definitely blessed with amazingly supportive involved parents and I just love them so much! We spent a lot of time over at Stacy's in her pool so we could stay somewhat cool. We've made it a tradition that whenever my mom comes to town the girls go and get pedicures and Grandpa gets to be on babysitting duty. Of course we had to hit a baseball game too while they were here. That's my dad's favorite sport. :)

We had quite the dramatic situation. We were trying to decide if we should take Brynlee with us to the game or get a babysitter. Most of the games we go to are only a couple hours, so we decided to bring her since my parents don't get to see her very often. The game happen to go into extra innings and there were fireworks after so we didn't get home until almost midnight. Which is like 4.5 hours past her bedtime. We all went straight to bed when we got home, and she woke up about an hour after that. Adam and I didn't hear her until she had been crying a while, so Mel actually went in and grabbed her. She was FREAKING out! So I took her and she wouldn't calm down, she was thrashing all around and we had no idea what was going on or what to do. Thankfully my Mom was there so I went and got her and she had said it was night terrors. The only person she would go to that could calm her down was Mel.  We finally got her back to sleep and in bed. Then she woke up 2 more times that night. We went to Sedona last year and loved it, it's beautiful! I knew my parents would love it so I was so so excited to have everyone go up there. Well after the night we had, Adam kept strongly suggesting we not go. Because Brynlee went to bed so late and nobody got sleep that night he didn't think it was smart, but said it was my  family so it was my decision. So of course I decided we should still go.

Worst. Decision. Ever. It's about a 2 hour drive. The drive there was fine, until we got there. We went in October last year and it was fun. We had a lot of people tell us we should go to the Slide Rock. So I planned that we go up, have a picnic and then head to slide rock. Well, when we finally got to Sedona it was CRAZY busy! There were SO many people and cars there! I had only been there once and it was going to a camp ground so I didn't know anything else about the place. I felt absolutely horrible because the traffic was so bad, and we had to keep turning around, and it was miserable. So we found a random tiny spot off the road to eat. Then when we headed to Slide rock there was a line at least a mile down the road to get in. Brynlee was loosing it at this point, so we decided that us and my parents would head back and Mel and Stacy's family would stay and try to get in. Brynlee fell right asleep and we were hoping she would sleep the whole way home since she was exhausted and sleep deprived. We made it down at the bottom of the mountain and stopped for a bathroom break and ice cream, and when the door was shut to get back in the car it woke her up. And lets be was the worst drive on the way home! I had never seen her freak out like she did. Absolutely nothing could calm her down. She started scratching her face and arms, and pulling out her hair she was so upset. I couldn't take it so I started crying. So my Dad pulled over and she loves him, and he couldn't even get her to calm down either. So after about 10 minutes of walking her around trying to get her to stop. We just decided it would be better just to drive and just get home. I felt HORRIBLE for not listing to Adam. I didn't have fun at all, it was a disaster of a trip in my mind. Maybe next time I will listen to my much wiser husband. :) This picture shows our thoughts on the whole day.

After that disaster was over, we did have fun and enjoyed the rest of the time with my parents.  We hung out, went shopping, went to dinner with all of us and went to the temple and visitor center. It was so fun to have Mel here too! I sure love all of my family, and hate when visits have to come to an end.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 2013 Part One

We have loved living in a house compared to being at an apartment. But the thing that we really miss is living right next to a pool. The apartment pool and hot tub was right outside of our apartment and we totally took advantage of it. We were out there all of the time. So going from that to no pool, we've realized the summers are a lot hotter without a pool.  Good thing there are super nice people who let us use their pool whenever we want. This one was our favorite. The Llewelyn's were such a nice couple! He is in the Bishopric and she is the Relief Society President, they have a beautiful home and pool. This pool is an infinity pool with this beautiful outlook across the city. We LOVED it!! And it was fun, it has a slide, waterfall and basketball hoop. So we were all entertained. 

We had a fun day at the Wheelers with Ty and Hazel, they had a fun water sprinkler toy that the kids could run through and cool off. Brynlee sure loves these friends of hers.
Who knew yogurt could be used as a lotion too?
One of our favorite activities that we've gone to both summers now are the city pool's Itty Bitty Beach Party. It is so fun! They have a lot of fun activities, a fun big pool with a toddler area and they serve lunch and treats. There are a ton of people that go and it's just a really fun thing to go to. This year we decided to take the cousins with us. Brynlee was wiped out after!

It's so fun that Evan and I live so close together so we can celebrate our birthdays together. We went over on his birthday and had a little pool party and had cake.

My birthday was on a Sunday this year so there wasn't a whole lot we could do on my birthday to celebrate, but Adam sure spoiled me at home. I got a much needed fan for my side of the bed :), a softball bat, workout attire, diamondback shirt and cute shoes. I got a lot of help opening them from this little sweetheart. And ended the day was my favorite cupcakes. I sure love these two.

This has become our nightly ritual...we all crawl to Brynlee's room to put her to bed. I love it.
I was babysitting one day, and when we both got home from work this is what we found...our air conditioner broken! It was miserable! Brynlee and I stayed at Stacy's that night and Adam toughed it out through the night so he didn't have to make the commute in the morning. Thank goodness they sent someone out that next day to get it fixed.

Can't get enough! Brynlee attacks him when he gets home and can't get enough of him.
Daddy's way of styling hair...vacuum.
Brynlee's been taking private swimming lessons one day a week when I babysit. I'm amazed at how much she is actually learning. She's been able to jump in and climb to the side of the pool and monkey crawl along the side. She can almost float on her back also.