Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 2013

We started out the month with a trip planned to Vegas for the 4th of July since they actually celebrate it there with a parade and fireworks and fun activities in between. Adam got home from work we got the car all loaded and ready to go, stopped by a gas station right before we were getting on the freeway...and the car wouldn't start back up! The dang battery died. We were SO bummed! We figured it wouldn't be smart to make the trek from the hottest place (Phoenix) to the second hottest (Vegas) not knowing if the car would die on us in the middle of the desert. So we ended up calling our friends the Gardners and going to their apartment and had a BBQ and swam. 

 Since the month of July is one of the hottest, we spend most of our time in the pool. I'm pretty sure we went to the Llewelyn's beautiful pool at least once or twice a week.

 And then jumped over to Stacy's whenever we could. Brynlee and I went to a weekly summer movie with Stacy and the boys each week, and we would go over to their house after to eat and swim. We loved the weekends when Dad could come swimming with us did he.
 Potty Training!!! It was a work in progress that I'm sure I wouldn't do the same way again. We started in May and my thought was I didn't want to stress myself out, so I thought of an easier way. I was constantly having to go to the stores for all of my craft parts for orders, and shipping them out and everything in between. So when we were home she would be naked or have her panties on, and when we went out I would put on a diaper so I didn't have to worry about it. Well, that may have got her started but didn't have a huge effect. So July was the month to get serious. And she actually did really well. The first 3-5 days were brutal, infact the first day I started did not start out well. I had her drink A TON of juice and water and she wouldn't go to the bathroom for a couple hours, I kept taking her into the potty and nothing...then she threw a huge fit and I threw her in time out for a couple minutes, and of course she peed all over in her bed. So I decided to not worry about it that day and let us both relax and try again later. So a couple days later I went into it completely relaxed knowing it would take time, but it did end up taking about 5 days I would say until she started getting the hang of it. We still put her in a diaper for the first few weeks at church so she wouldn't pee there, and then was in panties after that. And we did she have her sleep in a diaper until she is able to sleep through the night without peeing in her diaper.
 Something about that yogurt...she just loves rubbing it all over her body.
 Yay for potty training and being naked! Ha I thought this picture was so cute of her little bum.
 I am so glad we got a dog when we did, they are seriously just little best friends. Brynlee just loves him so much and he is so protective of her.

 This girl and her personality is so much fun! She has so much spunk to her.

 She started getting into sidewalk chalk recently, and really likes being outside even though it's miserably hot.
 We would try to make it to the library a few times so we could get out of the heat and she really likes playing at the Scottsdale library, they have quite a bit to keep the littles entertained.
These two...sure have my whole heart.