Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anniversary weekend

Last weekend was a blast. We had a little Halloween get together at the Farmer's house along with the Fennell's. We carved pumpkins and watch Monster House, which is a really cute movie. Me and Adam have been talking about carving pumpkins for a while, and then we decided not to because we waited so long...and probably because we were to lazy to go to the store and pick some up. So I'm glad we had a chance to do one--it was the first pumpkin I think I've carved, and even though it turned out to be a deformed 7 legged was fun. Saturday was really busy. Idaho Falls has a free cancer screening every year...and since I'm a cancer phobe I made sure we went...which was worthless because we waited there for almost two hours...and didn't even get in--we were still like 40 away from being seen. And then we had to hurry back to Rexburg because I had a volleyball game, which we won. Then we were off to Island Park to celebrate our one year. It was so much fun...we were the only ones there--so it was nice to enjoy a little hot tub and some world series. It was nice and relaxing. This last year sure did fly by...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

We are just shy of 3 weeks away from our 1st anniversary....which is completely crazy! But I like to think of how lucky we've been. The first 2 months we were married we didn't exactly have jobs...but really--it was great, we got to spend all day every day together--we got caught up on every tv show there is out there, well pretty much. And then we got to make a little bit of money working at UPS and then moved back up to Rexburg. And actually it was a blessing in disguise that we took a little bit of a "break" from school because we both got good jobs...and we were able to save money....we worked 8-5 and then had the rest of the night to do whatever we wanted together. I like to reminisce about the good old days...because now that Adam is back in school....AND working--we don't really see each other anymore. He is so busy all the time...and I am so proud of him--I just feel really bad. Pretty much his day goes like this: he wakes up at 6, goes to work at 7 for a couple hours then goes to class...sometimes he goes back to work...or he just goes straight to the library until maybe 8 or 9 at night....then he eats, and then finishes his night reading or writing something for class. If he is lucky we can throw in a quick 20 minute episode of friends. He's taking close to a billion classes...and staying strong in the A range....but it'll all be over in we're getting close. And as for me...I'm lucky if I'm up by 7:30 to be at work at 8 (not a morning person at all) to browse the internet for cute crafty ideas all day, and then when I get home I catch up on The Hill's or Friends. Rough...rough life!