Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Weekend

All of my family, minus my sister Stacy in Alabama went to my parents house for Easter. My little sister Melanie got her young women's recognition--so it was fun for all of us to be there for her. It was kind of a Fennell filled day--my parents spoke in sacrament meeting and then all of us participated in Melanie's program. I'll tell you what--one gene that is dominate in the Fennell family is we all cry....all the time. I'm sure that everyone at Melanie's program besides our familiy probably wonder if we ever stop. I myself cried 3 different times that day...but every speaker, singer, audience attender...ok maybe minus John or David cried that day. But it was a great day at church--the spirit was really strong, I think with it being Easter Sunday excellerated that also--I love Easter Sundays. After church we went back to my parents and had a huge Easter dinner--my mom is such a great cook, you never leave hungry there! We are moving to Maryland, and Mary and Brian are moving to Texas for the summer, so it was fun to have everyone there together before we all left.

We're Moving On

The past couple weeks have been pretty busy/crazy for us. We've been talking about how we can't wait to get out of Rexburg forever...and when it finally came it was kind of sad to leave friends and family and a lot of our memories. The good thing about it though was I was finally able to quit my job--one of the greatest days :) We started out our celebrations with Eric's birthday party--we went bowling it was really fun. Now his birthday is a significate date for's where we formed our triangle. For those of you who don't know, Eric and Adam grew up together and then were roommates at college, and really good friends; me and Beth were neighbors our freshman year at college, and then roommates the rest of the time at college until she got married, John is my brother and Meagan is Beth's sister--John & Meagan got married, Eric & Beth got married...and last but not least me & Adam got married. And all of the flirting and hooking up initially started at Eric's birthday party like 4 years ago. Anyways we were the first to leave Rexburg from the triangle...and it was really sad. We all lived in the same complex, us and the Farmers lived right across the way and the Fennell's lived in the row behind us. Now...we're related to the Fennell' we know we'll see them a lot--but it was really sad to say bye to Beth & Eric and Lincoln--we hung out with them al the time--but hopefully we'll run into them in Colorado or something. We'll miss you guys!

And from the good ol days....

I think this was at one of John's softball games...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adam's version of the vacation

Well hello, it has been awhile for me to post. Michelle, the delicate hot lady that she is told you her version of vacation; but here is the real version. Our original flight was delayed an hour due to some kid dancing on the airport heater. This impressed the pilots and they said they didn't want to leave until the kid was done. An hour later we were off. We landed with Michelle gripping my hand so hard because she thought she saw Wayne Newton...we didn't. The next day we did appreciate the sun, which we only get a couple days a year in Idaho. On Tuesday we left bright and early to Phoenix that way Michelle could sleep and not sing her terrible road songs...jk. We pulled into where my interview was held a tad early. We decided to eat at the Taco Bell. I just knew it would help my chances to have the runs and gas in the interview, naturally I thought of the Bell. We crashed at my Grandparents that night, listening to my Grandma brag about how hot she was when she was 18...ackward. Ok she didn't brag she is just a great jokester and we love them. Then we were off, back to Vegas.
The next day we hit up some casinos to end our being broke streak. We tried winning it big on the penny slots. We ending up winning about $1,310. We were in aww and skipped like school children through the casino. We ended up knocking some bewildered old lady right off her feet. She said she wouldn't press charges if we gave her $1,309. We both thought that it was so odd that she would pick that number. Only 1 dollar less than what we just won. Oh well, we paid her and went back on our way.
Michelle's flight was not delayed or broken. The truth is she could not pass security because the metal detectors kept beeping on her. She received a tattoo that had real silver ink in it. It is a cute little tattoo of a stingray stabbing the crocodile hunter in the heart. I thought it was a little harsh, but whatever. So it took her 6 hours to go through security. What happens in Vegas for Michelle does not stay in Vegas.
As for me the following few days, I won some money on basketball, witnessed two fights at a spectacular hockey game; one with the players and one in the crowd, became deaf from my sister yelling at the stupid teenage girls in front of us that would not shut up, and dance on the jumbo screen for 30 seconds to please the crowd from all the hostility. What can I say I am a pacifist. Then, Sunday I came back to hell...I mean rexburg. There must be something wrong with the keyboard.
Anyway, that is the real version of our vacation.