Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5 Year Anniversary!!!

We flew back in from Idaho on our Anniversary morning! So it was extra fun to see Adam when he picked us up. He took the day off, so we got to hang out before we headed to Goodyear for a school carnival that I had a booth in. I kept going back and forth if I should do it or not since it was on our anniversary. But I reasoned...well if I make a million dollars at'll totally be worth it! Well I didn't... in fact I sold one item, not the right "market" to be selling our stuff. So we packed up and went home early, grabbed a movie and relaxed. The carnival was fun though because it was dress up and it had a lot of fun booths for the kids to play at. So Brynlee seemed to have fun...and we all got to be together, which usually isn't the case when I have a booth. So in that case, it was great!

Doesn't my sister in law look amazing! She dressed up as Effie Trinket from the hunger games...I thought she looked exactly like her!

We officially celebrated the next night. Adam's dad came over to babysit for us while we went out. Adam had a work Halloween party that we stopped by for about an hour. Then we headed to the Cheesecake Factory. It was perfect! We sat outside, and it was just an amazing night to spend with my sweetheart. There is a super nice mall that is right across the street from the restaurant, since it was such a beautiful night we walked around for a while then headed home. I just love him so much, I'm so grateful for these past 5 years I've spent with him! He just makes me so happy!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Family Get Together

Mike and Jeanine came for a quick visit from Africa, so we all got together at Aaron and Danielle's house. It was so fun to be together with everyone! There was lots of yummy food, rides on blankets, ping pong and listening to fun stories from Africa! We had more pictures of everyone that was there, but my camera was dead. So hopefully I can get those from LeeAnn soon.


If you look close enough...there is a nasty 3" scorpion in the middle of that was about 3" from poor little Brynlee's foot. No Bueno!!!! We have had at least 12 in our place since we've been here. 4 within 24 of which was on my leg. Had a little freak out session, and Adam and a buddy sprayed, powdered, filled holes...and descorpionized our house the next day for 3 hours! We haven't seen one since...hopefully never again! :)

WNBA Date Night

We got 2 free tickets to a WNBA game here, so we thought...why the heck not. It was at the Phoenix Suns stadium, and it was definitely not like a NBA game...there wasn't a ton of people there. It was a different group of people that's for sure! Let's just say we have NEVER seen so many lesbians in a place...or actually all of my life. It was funny because during a time out, all of a sudden a ton of the crowd ran down and started dancing in a circle on the floor, there were so many people down there. They had to take a little extra time to get them all off of the floor. We were just laughing so hard, we had no idea what was going on. It was a little weird.  But we had GREAT seats, ha, so we had fun trying out something we've never done before. We had to take a few pictures with Brynlee before we dropped her off too. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Flow Rida

Some friends invited us to one of those surf places a couple weeks ago. It looked pretty brutal to me when people I decided to sit on the sidelines with my little buddy Brynlee, while Adam went crazy surfing. He caught on pretty quick and did really well! But he definitely felt it for about the next week! He was so sore...he even got whiplash from it. But he said it was worth it.
 First time trying it out...
Up for a second...

 Yahoo!!! Success! What a hunk! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Picnic at the Park

The morning and nights here now are AMAZING!!! During the summer it would be around 110 and at night it would cool off to about 90/95, so it didn't feel as refreshing as it does in Idaho, that's for sure. But now it's like 75ish, and it feels awesome. So we decided to go to a softball park and play a little and have a little picnic. We miss the good ol days in Rexburg where you could get a huge group together and go play softball for a few hours. We'd have a pitcher and a lot of fielders, everyone got to hit and it was so much fun. So we work with what we have now, we just pitch to ourselves and have one fielder. :) But it's still fun to get out and play...we kinda like softball.

 Our little future softball all star!

Labor Day

We had a really fun Labor Day this year. Kim and Jim and their family came up from Vegas, so on Saturday we went to Aaron and Danielle's house went swimming and had a BBQ. And Adam especially loved that day because he got a new recliner that he's been wanting for YEARS. On Sunday everyone crammed into our little apartment, and we ate, went swimming and played some volleyball. It's always fun to have family around!

Brynlee hardly ever cuddles with us anymore, it's so sad. But when Kim and Tia held her she just cuddled the whole time! She loves her Aunt and cousin!

Boikins is so funny! He is SO protective of Brynlee! I love it, I think it's so cute. Whenever anyone was holding her he would follow them around and would not let her out of his sight. And when everyone left and she went to bed, he stood/layed right outside of her down forever whining because he wanted to be there with her.