Saturday, June 20, 2009


So Adam always jokes how he loves his birthday being first because he can see how good of presents I get him--so that way he has a bar set for how good of a present he has to get me...and he's really good at one upping me every year. I dont' know what it is but I just seem to have the hardest time shopping for him..I mean lets get serious last year I got him a paper shredder...boring. So this year I tried really hard and got him a lot of his favorite, tv shows, hat..and whatever. And this year was one of my favorite birthdays--it was so much fun. He got me a really nice camera--which I've been wanting one for a long time, it's a nikon coolpix, and the picture below with the suitcase is what he wrapped it up in.

So both of us had most of the day off...he had to do an install that night. But it was such a fun day. We went the the Baltimore aquarium, and it was so cool. It was huge! They obviously had tons of different kinds of fish, they had a huge place for all of the different sharks, sting rays, a huge sea turtle, then they had a seperate place for Australia reptiles and fish and different kinds of birds, they had a really cool jelly fish exhibit--that had a ton of different kinds of jellyfish, we went to a 4-d show, which if your wondering because we didn't know what it is a 3-d show with extra phyical features like when a dolphin or a whale breath out of the holes it would spray water on you, or if it would show creepy things in the water that looked like snakes a plastic tube would whip your ankles a lot like they are swimming past you...bubbles when the animals were under water--so you couldn't tell if they were real or on the show. So that was really cool, and they we went to a dolphin show--and that was so much fun to watch, neither of us had ever been to a dolphin so before--so it was a good day to do it :)

After the aquarium we just walked around the harbor for a couple of hours--it was so pretty there and they have a ton to do. We were going to go to a baseball game that night to...but out of no where it started pouring was such a nice day before that too--and if anyone has experienced a rain storm back east--they are seriously is like someone is dumping a bucket of water over you--you are drenched from being out there for 30 seconds. So instead we went and did an install.

Dolphin Show

4-D Show

The rainforest section
Jellyfish exhibit
Swordfish shark This is at the was really pretty here

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I love Washington DC!!! I just think it's one of the neatest, prettiest places! There is SO much to do and see there. We have gone there 3 out of the 5 Sunday's that we've been here (our only day off) we have gotten close to a couple thats here, Shaine and Alysa, that we always go with. We were able to go to a couple of the museums and were able to see the white house...and just sit and relax in the park across from the nation monument, and enjoy the weather because Sunday's seem the be the only nice day of the week--the rest of the week it rains here.

These were in the National History Museum

These were in the Naturals Museum

This is for the Farmers....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's official!!!....

WE'RE GOING ON A CRUISE!!!! We leave the end of August out of Puerto Rico, we're so excited!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The big 26!

The past few years Adam has been able to spend his birthday in different states, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, somewhere around Arkansas and this year and got a variety--Maryland to Washington DC. It was pretty fun, we started the day by sleeping in...because he didn't get home until probably like 2 am from work...and then we went and met up with my brother in law who is in the FBI and had lunch with him and then he took us on a tour at the FBI headquarters, and it was so much fun...and interesting. We saw their classrooms, where they learn to fight, the shooting range, a little town they have to practice real life situations called Hogan's alley, and it was actually really creepy and going through some of the apartments and hotels and stuff because they are the really ghetto ones so just even imagining being in a place like that fighting crime...well imagining your husband there is really scary. Good thing the FBI is really experienced, they have been around for almost 100 years and have had less than 50 people die from being on the job, and a good portion of them were back around the days of the big time mafia. Hearing a lot of the training they go through and what they do makes me really respect what they do and what they go through. So anyways that was fun. And after that we went back to DC and tried to make it to the zoo before they closed...and we barley missed it--they were closing everything down by the time we got there so we were only able to see the cheetas...which they were pretty, so I guess that was good enough. Then we just went back to our place and had the infamous ice cream cake and watched one of his new presents and one of the Gooch's favs...Arrested Development. It was a fun birthday day!

I guess we only know one pose, but at least we managed to switch sides in one of them...