Thursday, August 19, 2010


We just got back from an AMAZING vacation! We went to Playa Del Carmen Mexico with Adam's sister Kim and her husband Jim. And we just had such a great time! It was BEAUTIFUL! Everything about it, the resort was seriously 5 star, amazing room and grounds, and it was HUGE with like 12 pools. The beaches everywhere were breathtaking, and it was close to everywhere we wanted to go. We loved every minute of the week...and hope to go back there sometime in the future.

All of the rooms there were suites, and we loved our room! My favorite were the bathroom sinks...they were just so cute! We we had poolside this was the view out of our balcony.

Day 1: Started out at 5 am...and was mostly a travel day. We got to the resort at about 5:30, walked around explored and then ate dinner...and by the time we were settled in the pools were all closed so we walked down to the beach for a little bit (it was dark already) and pretty much just relaxed in our rooms that night. The plane ride was nice though...we got free direct tv, so it made the trip a lot more enjoyable.

Day 2: We didn't start the day out so great, at the airport some guy talked us into doing a timeshare presentation, and in return we get free shuttle service to and from and airport and pay $50 for an excursion for all 4 of us, which is a great deal. They said it would take 90 minutes...5 hours later we finally got out of there! Who knows if it was worth it...but the rest of the day we just hung out on the beach and were just in awe at how pretty the beach and water was.

Day 3: So we were told that from our resort to down town Playa took about 30-40 minutes walking on the beach. So we thought it would be a great experience to walk the beach, explore and check out the resorts around us. Well...two hours later we finally made it. We were SO hot and tired and had blistered feet by the time we made it. Needless to say, we didn't do that again. But when we got there we caught a ferry to Cozumel, which is supposed to be the 2nd best place to snorkel/dive in the world because of all of it's reefs. So we took advantage and went on a snorkel excursion, and were SO glad we did! We saw more fish than we ever have! And they were right there swimming right next to us, we could reach out and touch them, just schools of fish all over. Loved it! Then we did a little shopping, and now we can testify that yes...Cozumel is a great great place to snorkel :)

This was halfway through our walk, we got so hot that we just in, and it was actually a super pretty beach.
Day 4: Completely. Relaxing. We just hung out at the pool....all day! Seriously we were probably in the water for at least 6 hours...and it rocked! We were probably completely wrinkley by the time we got out, but it just felt so good.

Day 5: Just me and Adam went to Tulum, some Myan ruins that were about an hour away from us. We LOVED it! It was so cool to see the ruins, we liked being in such a great history place of religion, just knowing that people from the Book of Mormon landed there, I'd like to think they were pretty happy, seeing as they were on one of the most beautiful beaches. I guess you could get an LDS tour guide to show you specifics for our religion there, which would be cool, but we found out about that the day after we went. Anyways, we always went on a snorkeling excursion after our tour of the ruins, which was pretty cool, we were taken out to the reefs and saw some pretty cool fish. It was only us that were on the boat, so that was fun for us.

There were iguana's EVERYWHERE

Day 6: AMAZING!!!!! We went scubba diving for the first time! Oh my goodness, probably one of the coolest things we have ever done! We've snorkeled a lot and that is awesome, but scubba diving is a whole new world. I was super excited about it all week, and then we had to do training for a little bit so they took us to a shallow place in the ocean where you could barley touch, I freaked out! I just felt SO clausterphobic! So I was freaking myself out so much right before we went under that I wasn't even going to do it, but our instructor was awesome, he was just right there for me the whole way down, and once we got down there...just amazing. And I loved every minute of it! It was so weird that we were 35 and 45 feet (two different dives) under water for about an hour, and just breathing perfectly fine. We got to see SO many different kinds of fish, and the reef's were just amazing and colorful. Probably my favorite part of the vacation. We didn't take many pictures on our real camera because we couldn't take it with us...the rest are on our water camera :)

Day 7: Was an awesome day! I started it out with getting a massage. It was the best, it was right on the beach so all I heard the whole time was the waves crashing, and I loved it...I was in heaven! It was just an all around relaxing great day. We were just beach bumsW we kayaked, played in the waves, layed out, threw a football around and drank pina coladas.

Day 8: This was our last day here. It was really sad to leave. But we did have a later flight so we went down to the beach one last time and then went and relaxed in the pool for about an hour before we took off. And then it was just a long day and night after that, we were at the airport/in a plane for about 9 hours...and then we had to drive home that night because I had to work the next day. So we didn't get home until about 3am. And it's funny how you need a vacation after you just getting done with a week vacation and traveling a whole day, we were VERY exhausted when we got home, probably the fastest we've ever fallen asleep.