Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Birthday

I had a great 25th birthday. I can't believe I'm that old already! Adam spoiled me with a delicious breakfast in bed...and he even got up early with the dog to take him out so I didn't have to. :) Stacy's family was in town, so we spent most of the day with them. My nephew Evan's birthday is the day before mine, so we were able to have two days of birthday celebrations. For my birthday we went to Shoshone Falls, and they were BEAUTIFUL! There is so much water flowing through right now, that they were huge. Then we had a little picnic in the park, and ended the day with yummy cake and ice cream. I just love birthday's, they are just so much fun!

Girls Weekend

We have been wanting to do a girls weekend for quite some time now with all of us sister's. Minus Melanie and Meagan we were all able to make it together finally, and we had SO much fun! It was a really short quick weekend, but I'm glad we were able to do it. We all stayed at Mary's house on Friday, ate some yummy Panda Express (I just love that place.) And then us girls stayed up until about 2 in the morning talking. The next day we went shopping in the morning, and then our cousin got married so we went to the luncheon, and then we ended our get together with pedicures. Most of us had never had one before so it was SO nice and SO much fun! I hope we can get together and do it again soon. I just love my sisters!