Monday, May 24, 2010

Colorado Wedding

A week ago we were able to get away for a few days and go to Colorado for Adam's brother's wedding. We had just a fun time! It was the first time that we were all together since our wedding....2 and a half years ago. It was a really busy weekend. The night we flew in we had the rehearsal and dinner, which was super yummy. The next day was the wedding and reception, which we had a lot of fun at. And then Saturday we relaxed, went shopping, and had a marathon of Bones. It was a good weekend...went by way to fast!
The Happy Couple :)
The whole family

The Gooch Siblings
Adam and the groom
Grandma & Grandpa Gooch with the Grandkiddos Cute little Chad playing in the balls...which started the balls flying...which led to the ball fight Found some cool hats in the kids room So when Adam was in school he made up a dance called Colonel Stingray...and it was a huge hit--he was asked to preform it everywhere...well he had never done it for me. So there was a little dance at the reception, and it was the first song so nobody was really dancing...someone told Adam he should go out and dance--he said he didn't feel like it...the next thing I know everyone is cheering and clapping and I turn around and he was the star of the show--I finally got to see his dance. He did have a huge fan--a lady was obsessed with him the rest of the night saying he was SO cute, and he should sign up the Chip'n Dales.

While we were waiting between the pictures and the wedding which was like 2 hours...people were starting to get a little restless and starting throwing balls at each was hillarious! That room was a total mess when we finished with it.