Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

So at school on Friday the kids got to dress up, and I figured since I was at an Elementary School I better dress up so when I got asked all day what I was I could have an answer. So we went out on a quest to Wal-Mart to find the cheapest possible costume I could find. Aka cat ears or something simple, well they didn't have any so I bought this little girl bunny outfit which consisted of ears, bow and a little tail. And this is what I looked like....Well we had a parade that day for parents to come and watch their kids walk around, and they just line the halls and fill the school. So the parade was just about to start and there were tons of parents right there by the office. There were two really old ladies that were "whispering" to eachother...very loudly, and they said "Wow! Doesn't she just look like a play boy bunny." Um...rude! A: I work in an Elementary and dressed modestly B: it was a little girls outfit and C: I am definately NOT endowed...and I think that would have a lot to do with it. So thank you, ya old farts for sharing your opinion with EVERY one in the front lobby.

Last week for FHE we had a fun night carving pumpkins. Which I always think is a lot of fun! I think they turned out pretty good :) And to celebrate the Halloween weekend, we went over to our friend's Garrett & Sarah Condie's house and had a really fun party playing games and hanging out. Sportin the sweats :)

3 Years!

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary on Tuesday. We can't believe how fast time has flown! And it's just been 3 FABULOUS years! I have just been SO happy with him! Greatest decision of my life! Can't wait for the years to come. I came home to my favorite for each year we've been married. Then we went to dinner at one of our favorite restuarants here. It was a fun anniversary.

Craft Fair

The craft fair went really well. There were TONS of people there! Which was good. It was a little bit of a long day, we were there from 8-6, but it was really fun to spend the weekend with Rachel. Adam was a good sport...since I ditched out on him the whole weekend. I'm just glad it's over for this year :)

Summer is Officially Over

I know that people have come to the realization of this a while ago, but I just didn't want to admit it. But now that the temp has gotten down to freezing...the trees are different colors and the grass is turning ugly brown. I guess that means that it time to hibernate inside for the next 5 months and just be depressed for how quickly summer went by! I always hate this time of the year! Yes...we are definate winter HATERS! We hate being cold. So I thought I would do an 'Ode to Summer' post...about the things that will be missed.
Being outside all the time...fires...camping...walks, the good stuff
Adam Shooting Things...

Catching Birds...
Floating the River...
A litte fishin on the beautiful summer evenings...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Love. My. Job.

So this year I got a new job as the Rupert Elementary Secretary...and I love it!!! It is just the greatest job!! I just love all of the little kids they are just adorable! I've decided that I would just love to be a kindergarten teacher, those little kids are the cutest! But I have decided that if you want to feel great about yourself, work at an Elementary just seem to always look on the bright side and most the time are positive and nice to you :) No matter where I go in the school I ALWAYS hear how tall I am...especially when I walk down the kindergarten/1st grade hall they honestly cock their head all the way back so they are looking straight up at me and are like "YOU ARE SOOOOO TALL!!!!" And then as I walk away they are all talking about how gigantic I am. One time I walked into a first grade class and a little girl was like

"you are SOOOO tall"
me: "why yes I am"
girl: "is your husband tall??"
me: "yes he is...he is taller than I am"
girl: "WOW!!! He's taller than you!?!? You must have a HUUUUUGE bed!!!"

It's funny there's been a few little boys that will compliment my clothes, like one time this little kindergartener was like "that dress is sooo cuuuuuute! You look so pretty" Aww..that made my day. And here are a few more of my favorite sayings so far...

So there's a rumor going around the school that I was a cheerleader...tons of kids have asked me about it...

girl: (very cute...will probably be a cheerleader some day...was so excited when she asked me) "were you a cheerleader???"
me: no...I played sports
girl: (looking very disappointed) "well you look like you were a cheerleader...I wish you were a cheerleader"

I am also the school nurse, which is fun I like babying the little kiddos. One day a little girl was sick so I was calling her parents...

me: "do you know your phone number"
girl: : "yes"
me: "...ok....what is it?"
girl: "2"
me: "ok..."
girl: "1"
me: : "ok..."
girl: "thats it" (with a huge smile on her face that she knew her phone number)

I also had a little kindergarten boy that peed his pants so he was waiting for his Dad to bring a change of clothes so he was waiting back in the sick room, during lunch time...which is the busy time for the sick room. So as he was sitting there, there were like 3 kids that came in at the time and I was walking the into the sick room, and the little boys face just lit up and he was SO excited and was like "DID YOU GUYS PEE YOUR PANTS TOO?!?!?!?!"

Everyday I laugh at all the cute things that are said and done...never a dull moment.