Sunday, May 18, 2008

Birthday Time Again

Well, I am now a quarter century old and all is well. My body still is amazing, well to Michelle. My brain is still very sharp, and I can still do math. So, being 25 is pretty good so far. Yesterday (my birthday) was a very busy day. Michelle made me breakfast at about 9:00. We then went and hit a bucket of golf balls, Tiger Woods style. (I am not sure what style that is really). Then Eric Liggett took me out to eat for lunch. At about 1:00, a bunch of us went to the Heise. The Heise is a lava hot springs place that has a really nice pool. Which was great because we ended up having some great weather yesterday too. After words I went and worked out with Eric Farmer. So I could keep my figure and still impress Michelle. Finally, we went to a camp/park with about 15 of us and had a bond fire and played some fun games. So there you have it. That was the great birthday of yesterday to celebrate my 25th year since I exited the womb and started this wonderful life. I want to thank all those who have helped me become what I am today and encourage those who have not helped me to do so (money).

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Finally the weather is decent. In fact, Michelle and I got sunburns. We went and played softball all day on Saturday. (Ok we just passed out at the pool for a few hours.) It was great. I am a little out of shape, but still play like the pros. Softball season starts here next week, as well as flag football (ward team that I am putting together). So we should stay active this summer.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Summer has begun,or has it?

Well, summer is supposed to be here. But it just snowed today. On May 1st (today), it freaken snowed!!!! But that is rexburg for you. It was 70 degrees yesterday and today white summer. Other than goose bumps and hopeful hearts, things are great. I have finally started school again. I am really trying not to get kicked out this time, I am tired of applying. However, I am still working full time at a company called Yellowstone Hotel Systems. So busy, busy, busy. I usually just do my homework at work, that way I can say that I get paid for being a student. It all works out.
Michelle is just as busy or she pretends so I can't complain. She is working full time at a company called Amet. She is also doing competitive softball for the school. I know you are thinking, "BYU-Idaho doesn't have competitive sports." Well they do, sortof. They are having 4 or 5 teams of girls play eachother. So the competition is okay. Not for Michelle though, she is amazing. She is the best pitcher (not drinking glass type), here. She is the assistant coach for her team, so she can yell and throw balls at them if they misbehaving (she does that to me all the time). She is also the head coach for a 10 year old girls softball team for the city. So, she is as active as...something active. Things are well, and they just seem to be getting weller. Whatever.