Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 2013

April was full of a lot of fun memories. Every day is an adventure with this little one...

 We sure love our Campbell girls. They always add so much to our days when we get to play with them. The girls LOVED the "swing" and would be on it all day if they could.

 The weather was beautiful so we enjoyed as many walks as we could...while we still could.

 Adam and I were finally able to make it to the temple. Sadly our temple trips are a few and far between so it was nice to be able to get away and go.
 We had a family get together that night with Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter, Lisa and her family, Aaron & Kim and their families and Jared. It's so fun to have so much family so close around.

 Sunday nights are always fun for these two besties to play in the "sprinklers." They both get so excited, and even though it's not much water,  they love it!

 Gosh it's fun to have a little girl! And she loves playing with my makeup, I just thought these were to cute!

 We were at the park a lot this month enjoying the perfect weather, went through the car wash with a snow cone...little confused what's going on. :)
 And spent a lot of time with the Williams at their fun pool. It's nice to have family and friends close to share their pools with us.

 We'll end on this lovely picture of Brynlee at the store...full out tantrum on the floor! It was a horrible horrible store experience, and my arm is the result of leaving the store. Pretty sure she got a good time out when we got home so we could both pull ourselves together.

Friday, April 12, 2013

November 2012

I think this is the longest I have gone with out posting on this blog. Sad day...but I am going to do better once I get caught up...and I have A LOT of catching up to do so I figure it'll be easier to do it by month for now. :)

Another thing to add to our "Why we LOVE Arizona" List would be...Novembers!!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!! It is absolutely perfect weather. It was our first one here and we loved every second of it! I tried to be outside as much as we could so we went to parks...a lot...

Went hiking a few of the weekends and it was beautiful we loved it! We thought we are going to do this ALL the time...and only did it like 4 times total because it was hard to hike with a active little toddler.

Tons of walks...good think Brynlee loves her stroller!
 Gotta see this cute girl napping from playing so hard, loved wearing short sleeves in November...

 Best friends, they seriously love each other.
 A little morning breakfast at I-hop...

 Adam and I got a little time away to go to the temple and walk around it after and see all of the beautiful Christmas lights and displays.

 We loved walking around the outside malls and seeing all of the huge beautiful Christmas trees.
 Went to a birthday party and got to play in a bouncy house for the first time.

 We loved to go shopping, and Brynlee got her other best friend Daisy
One thing Brynlee loved to do around 14 months was to crawl into little spaces. And the funny thing is she would work so hard at it and then get was funny to see all the places she would sqeeze into...or just get into and pull everything...that part wasn't as funny...but she loved it so whatevs.

 We could pull her hair in a pony tail!! Yay!!
All in was a very fun busy month!