Thursday, November 15, 2012

Family Pictures

Adam has the sweetest coworker that took our family pictures for us this year and I LOVE how they turned out!! Here are a few of my favorites...

Thursday, November 1, 2012


We planned a vacation a while ago, go to San Diego to watch Peyton Manning (and the Broncos)...but mostly Peyton against the San Diego Chargers. Then we had all sorts of fun stuff planned like the zoo, a safari park, and Sea World. Well...things came up so kind of last minute we changed it up and decided to go camping. We love camping! And we haven't been for the past two years so we were so excited! We went to  a BEAUTIFUL place here called Sedona. It's a red rock...pretty pretty place! We've never been and have heard a ton about it, so we went out and got a TON of stuff, and thank goodness for Aaron and supplying us with most of the camping stuff and were ready to go. Adam spoke in church on Sunday and we were going to take off right after. Then Brynlee was a little sick so we decided to go early first thing Monday morning. We were thinking with it being a Monday and the middle of October we would be the only ones there...but the campgrounds were PACKED with people! I guess it's a little different than Idaho camping in October. And the campgrounds had a TON of rules...which was lame. Like, we couldn't let Boikins of his lease...ever, we went and got a BB gun just for this trip...weren't supposed to use it (but that didn't stop us:) quiet times and night...and whatever.

We had a really fun day! There was a mountain right behind us that we hiked, and when we were far enough Adam got to use his gun. We went fishing...ate lots of treats. Brynlee LOVED it there! She was all about exploring everything and trying to eat every rock she found, it was so cute (exploring...not eating rocks). So we were super glad we went. Then it started getting evening time, so we went out wood hunting...and it had just rained the day before so everything was super wet. So we went and bought some from the park ranger place...and that wood was super wet. The evening took a little turn...and we just decided to pack up and go home. Which was probably the best decision of the night...because I don't think any of us slept better...being in our own beds than we did that night. So we were happy we at least got everything "camping" out of the day...and were able to sleep comfortably that night.