Sunday, May 29, 2011

Adam's Birthday

We had a pretty fun day for Adam's birthday this year. We both took the day off from work...which is always nice, and then we headed down to Hagerman for the day to go fishing. Thankfully it was a really nice day. It was so nice to be able to be outside all day and enjoy the great out doors. We packed our own little lunch for a little picnic, and then we ended the night going out to Chili's for a big celebration dinner. :) It was a good day. I love this cute little 28 year old!

The one thing he asked for was socks...he LOVES brand new socks :) That is a true look of excitement!
A new toy...
The birthday boy and Boikins chillin in the back of the truck

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Early Birthday

My birthday came early this year. Last Thursday one of my little 2nd graders came walking into the school with the cutest little puppies...ones that I have wanted for the past couple years. Little pomeranians! They were I told Adam about them..and surprisingly he said that if I got a good deal on it then I could get it...and let's say we got a pretty good deal on him. And we LOVE him! He is just the cutest little puppy...he's SO much fun! His name is Big Black Boikins, (taken off of Rob & Big for those who have seen it.) I feel like it's prepping me for having a baby because I've had to get up a couple times in the middle of the night to take him out to use the bathroom..or he gets scared and starts I have to go out and comfort him :) Here's the little stud muffin...he's tiny! I think he weighs maybe 2ish pounds right now.

He LOVES Adam! He gets SO excited when he gets home..and when Adam lays down on the floor Boikins just attacks him! He jumps all over his head and licks him all's so cute.

Thought I would take this month's pregnancy picture with him...this is at 28 weeks :) getting closer...and lots bigger! :)
I've been told it's a lot easier to potty train when they are I'm crate training him, where I have to leave him in his crate ALL day unless i'm taking him outside to go to the bathroom and it's been so hard because I just want to play with my cute little pup...but instead this is what I get to look at. Poor little guy...he's doing pretty good though, the quicker he learns the quicker he can get out.


Easter was really fun this year. We dyed our eggs on Saturday night...and as we were dying we realized this would one of our last holiday's by ourself...which is a crazy thought. We decided to go the sports route this year with our egg kit, they turned out pretty cute!

Rexburg Weekend

Even though it's only a couple hours always nice to get away for a little bit. We had a really fun weekend a few weeks ago. We went to Idaho Falls on Friday and went to my cousin Brooke's wedding and reception. It was so good to see everyone there...and it was a beautiful wedding! We stayed with my sister Heather that night and had fun with her family. And then the next day we headed to Rexburg for the rest of the weekend. We went to campus to see all the new changes and I was's a completely new campus! So that was fun...then that night we went to John and Meagan's for a birthday party for Eric which was really was fun to be with the 3 couples again...Farmer's & Fennell's. We stayed with Rachel that night and had fun with her fam. Then Sunday was Mason's baby blessing, then we had a big dinner at Rachel's after with lots of yummy food. I always love family get togethers.
We miss these guys! It was fun to see them again!
We are a few weeks apart so we thought it'd be fun to take a picture of our baby bumps :)
It looked like so much fun that Adam and Eric also wanted to compare theirs
(Thanks to Beth for the pictures...I stole them off her blog)