Monday, May 27, 2013

May 2013 Part One

We LOVE the splash pad! Our favorite is at Desert Ridge and super nice outside mall. The splash pad is perfect for Brynlee being so little she can keep at her own pace and place in the little fountains. This pictures capture all of that perfectly. I love watching her while she is having so much fun!

 Of course we love going with these cute girls too!
 and this cute guy...

 Brynlee sure loves her Daddy, above is them playing with Adam letting her hang off the cabinets in the kitchen. And of course we love when Dad can actually come to the park with us.

 Mother's Day! Sure love this little girl! I also got to celebrate this year too by being able to skype with David. It was SO fun to see and talk to him this year!v

 This was a sad day for us...when our best friends moved away from us. I was seriously so so sad! I LOVE Chelsie, we would get together at least 2 or 3 times a week. So is like a sister to me and it was so hard to let them go!

 After Adam and I got back from our vacation I went to stay with Aaron's kids for a few days while they went on a little get away. It's always so fun to play cousins. We spent a lot of time at the pool...Boikins was there to make sure everyone was safe.
 After their last day of school we went to this super pretty duck pond. Brynlee was in Heaven with all of the ducks around!

 Brynlee has started a new thing where when we're in the car this is how to likes to ride. With her holding one of our hands to her face, I think it's so cute. It's an easy way to calm her down when she's upset in the car, but can't do it for to long because it kills your elbow. :)

 We love going to Grandma and Grandpa's to go swimming. We'll get in the pool any chance we can get!

 Little diva in her glasses, and a fun family night out to coldstone. Sure love these two!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 2013 Part Two: LA Getaway!

If there is one thing I'm really really bad's keeping secrets from Adam. Every surprise I've had for him through dating and marriage I've managed to spoil somehow. And this was no exception. This was the big 3-0 for the handsome guy. So we decided to do a little more for it. I really wanted to plan a little getaway and surprise him. I had done SO good keeping it a secret. And then my blonde roots came out shining brightly. We had just moved into our new ward and the relief society president and a counselor came over to visit like the week before we left. Somehow we got on the subject of the trip and I was really nervous because Adam was in the back room and didn't want him to hear. So right after they left I ran back there and was like "that was so close! They were asking about our trip and I said we were going to California, but I had to make sure to talk really quite so you couldn't hear me, then they asked what part..." And then I realized I had just dumbly told him where we were going. I was SO SO upset...but it was 100% my fault.

Regardless of my loud mouth, he didn't know exactly where we were going and what we were doing, so there was still some suspense. As we were getting ready to go I was getting so much anxiety leaving Brynlee. We had never left without her and we were going to be gone 3.5 days. She stayed with Stacy, who I totally trust, but I was so nervous and sad to leave my baby behind. But man was it nice/needed to have a few days with just the two of us again, even though we did miss her. 

We have a friend who works for Sheraton in Scottsdale and he was able to hook us up with AWESOME deals on the hotels we stayed at. To start out the trip we checked into our first hotel, which was right across the street from Disneyland. It was SO nice! We were up on one of the tops floors and had a beautiful view!

Then we went to dinner at a super yummy sandwich shop, then headed to an Angels game. We've kind of started a thing where we like to go to different baseball fields, we love baseball. So it was fun to add one more to the list. We had such a good time, the weather was beautiful, in fact we kind of got cold, being in the heat all of the time we forget other places cool off.

Friday was Adam's birthday, so we started out with presents. I wanted to make today super fun so I racked my brain for something he would love and the day turned out perfect! I decided we should go to an amusement park...which we haven't been to one in YEARS. And I thought it would make us feel like kids again. We had a blast, although I've realized my body isn't what it was, I blame pregnancy. I got SO dizzy on the roller coasters, almost sick at one point, I just couldn't handle it as well as I could before. But that didn't stop the fun.

On Adam's bucket list he's always wanted to go to a Mid Evil Times dinner, and our first night in LA we saw a sign for it. So I knew we had to go to it...and on his birthday. It was a little on the pricey side, but it was totally worth it! Adam was LOVING life! He was SO into it cheering on the "Green Knight" it was so much fun to watch him and be there with him. And it was a blast!

Saturday I wanted to leave most of the day open so Adam actually had a say in what to do on his birthday vacation. So we started out the morning walking to Disneyland. Being that close to all of the excitement and excited people and kids we wish we could have gone there...but just got a picture instead. We ended up staying right across from Universal Studios for the last night. This hotel was even nicer than the first one. We were high up again and 2 of the 4 walls were all window, it was amazing and beautiful! We went for a little drive to see the Fantasy Factory, which is a show we watch and love, it was fun to see the actual building. Then we went to Universal City to walk around and have lunch. That was super fun, we ended up doing a little shopping. Then we headed to Hollywood Blvd. which was way fun, lots of crazies. But it was super fun to walk that strip and see all of the impersonators and shops and sights. Then we ended the evening going to Comedy Sportz, a clean comedy club. Sadly, there weren't a lot of people in the audience. But we still loved it and laughed a lot. It was such a fun day that we squeezed a lot into. We were exhausted by the time we got home because we had done some much the past few days.

Sunday we took a drive up to the Hollywood sign. Then we had to see where Rob Dydrek lived so we stalked and drove by his house...which was right down the road where we stayed. Then headed home to pick up sweet little Brynlee, which was really good to see her again. But we had SO much fun together. We totally took advantage of our childless vacation and tried to fit in as much as we could that we couldn't do with a kid with us. And I'd say we did a pretty good job. I sure love this husband of mine! So grateful for him!