Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

We did have a really fun Christmas this year. We had it a couple days early at our house to open presents so we didn't have to haul them to Rexburg. It was fun having a baby...even though she had NO idea what was going on...just fun with one more person. :)

 Then we headed to Eastern Idaho for the parties! We went to my sisters Heather's for Christmas Eve, she had a lot of yummy food all prepared. This is cousin Kaylee...Brynlee loves her!
 Heather & Mel...

 The kids acted out the was so cute!
 And this is from Christmas morning. So I was REALLY excited to make Christmas jammies for us this year...and all the years to come. I had it pictured in my head forever how I wanted it, and found the perfect material. Since I'm not an awesome sewer, I took it to Rupert with us so my mom could help out. Well it turns out I was short material. so Adam and Bryns got pants...but not me! I was so bummed, I really wanted us all to match. and I should've gotten a picture with Adam and Brynlee in theirs...but here is at least Brynlee.
 Tori, Bryns & Kennedy

Friday, December 16, 2011

4 Months!!

Height: 26 inches (91%)
Weight: 12.5 (15%)
Head Circ.: 41.3 (97%)
Brynlee is just growing like crazy! She is just one cute LONG skinny chicka! She is gotten so much personality in the past month! And she has totally become a Mamma's girl! I'm the only one that can calm her down when she's crying...and she's knows when it's not me that's holding long as she's see's me she's ok...but once I leave her sight she has a little melt down.  And this month for her immunizations was WAY better than her two month! The nurse was giving her the vaccine that is drops in her mouth and the nurse laughed and it just scared Brynlee and she started SCREAMING!...and then it didn't really phase her when she got her shots, she was effected more by the laugh.

This Month....

*she is laughing A LOT...cutest thing ever! one of my favorite things...when I laugh she'll laugh
*she is starting to mimic mouths
*she coo's like crazy
*Loves mirrors!
*grunts for like 10-15 minutes when she is super tired and falling asleep
*sleeping great! I'm not supposed to feed her at night we started that this week and she wakes up like 2 or 3 times and I just put her paci in and she'll fall back asleep pretty quick
*LOVES her binki!
*LOVES when I sing to is just the funniest thing to her...probably because I am HORRIBLE, but she always has the biggest smile when I sing to her and will laugh sometimes
*is wearing 6 month clothes
*takes 3 naps a day usually around 1-3 hours each
*Loves her daddy's kisses
*LOVES her swing...I don't know how I'm going to break her of that one, she's going to grow out of it soon. But she sleeps forever in it! I love it for now :)
*she has officially been kicked out of our room :) and is now in her crib, and has been for about 2 weeks...and never had a problem with the transition.
*she is just such a happy good baby! and we love her so much!

Does NOT like...
*getting changed
*her big winter body coat

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Pix

Here's a few Christmas pictures we did of Brynlee...of course we had to get Boikins in on the fun and he LOVED it! fact they both did. :) Adam thinks I'm so mean for putting her through this little photo shoots. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Freaking Thanksgiving Peeps!! We sure had one...

Just thought I would add a little commentary to this amazing video Adam made :) We had SUCH a fun Thanksgiving!! We flew into Vegas on Wednesday morning into 65 degree weather, that was just beautiful! We spent the day with Adam's dad, and then that evening we went over to Brad and Emily's house. I have missed her SO much! It was SO much fun and so good to see them! Emily made a delicious dinner, and we just got caught up...I loved it! Then that night we went over to Kim and Jim's and hung out for a while, and then went back the next day for Thanksgiving. We always have so much fun with them! They are great at keeping us entertained the whole time we're there. Kim taught me how to make their family rolls, and how to do the turkey. And then before we ate we went out on a razor ride out in the desert behind there was a BLAST! Now I'm pretty sure that is at the top of Adam's want list! Then we ate dinner...and Kim is an AMAZING cook! Everything was SO good! Then that night we tried to go Black Friday shopping, we're some of the wierd ones that actually think it's fun...but not this time. We went for 3 different things...and came out emty handed. It was actually quite frustrating! Nothing started at the time that was advertised...everything was gone way before it was supposed to be. So that was a bummer.

Friday we drove down to Phoenix for a Gooch family reunion. Once again...we had a blast!! All of Adam's family is just so nice and cute. And it was about 10 degrees warmer there than in Vegas. It was up to 78 degrees. We actually went a pool outside and felt SO good. (And hot tubing...which was AMAZING! I think we were out there for about an hour and a half.) Saturday was the reunion all day. It was at a stake center, and we were outside playing the whole day. It seriously felt like it was July outside and we were just playing in the summer. We want to live there SO bad! I honestly was all for just leaving our stuff in Idaho, and us staying in Phoenix...maybe one day. It was sad to leave. We drove back that night and got up bright and early to fly back. It was a GREAT Thanksgiving! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Halloween was SO much fun this year...but it pretty much lasted a week for us! The Thursday before we went to Rupert because my school had a Halloween Party. Then Friday we decided to do our own Halloween Party, we wanted to meet some people in our new ward so we invited over 4 different couples and it was SO much fun!  We had some yummy Halloween food, played Minute to Win it & the Celebrity Name game. Then Saturday we had our ward dinner and trunk or treat which was really fun to. We decided to have sports be our theme for our trunk and our outfits. Brynlee was a little Lady bug for some of the events and dressed up in Jordan attire for the rest.
::Picture Overload!::
 Pasted out pretty much through the whole party! All of the other little kids LOVED her...and wouldn't leave her side.
 Minute to Win it...

 I had to take a picture of this and send it to Davey :)

 Our pumpkins this year...we think they turned out pretty good!
 She HATED her lady bug costume! Adam thought I was SO mean to put her back in it to take pictures!

 Bahaha...Boikins hated it even more! But when I got done taking pictrues of Brynlee I looked at Boikins and realized it would fit him PERFECT...I kid you not..I was laughing for a half an hour, he was HILARIOUS! And it took me about that long to keep putting everything on him and for them all to stay long enough for me to snap a picture. Probably animal cruelty...but totally worth it!

4 Year Anniversary

This year we had a lot of fun for our anniversary. We had someone in our ward watch Brynlee, and went and partied for a couple hours. We went to Outback Steakhouse, which was super yummy. Then we went on a fun little bookstore date that you can read about here. At the end of the night (2 hours later) we were that was just so much fun! Felt like the good old days (3 months before) where we could just go out and do anything we wanted. Not that we don't LOVE having Brynlee...but it was nice to get out just the two of us! 4 years has sure flown by! But it's been amazing!

Gooch Party

Adam's family came to visit for Brynlee's blessing about a month ago. We had SO much fun with them! It's always a party when the Gooch's come to town. Jared and his two girls came Friday night and we went to dinner with them, then watched Little Rascals :) Then on Saturday his mom, dad and Kim came in. Saturday was a beautiful day so we went to some fields just down the street from us and hit a few softballs. And went to a college volleyball game that afternoon.  Brynlee and Grandma Gooch got to spend a lot of quality time together over the weekend! It was sad to see them all leave, but we're excited to see some of the for Thanksgiving next week!
Ava & Bryns
 Sabrine & Brynsters

 Everyone excited at the game...
 I love this picture I think it's just so cute!
 5 guys...we love this place!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brynlee's Blessing

Brynlee was blessed by Adam on October 9th. And it was such an AMAZING beautiful day! Adam gave such an amazing blessing. And Brynlee was just so beautiful all in white. It was just one of those days that I absolutely loved and will remember forever. The spirit was just so strong, and it was so much fun to have all of our family that could make it there. 

We don't have a Costco card so we borrow my mom's. We have been there SO many times and have never had a problem. Well we showed up Saturday right before Costco closed to pick up the meat tray and rolls for the next day...and got up to check out, and for the first time ever they checked the card, and wouldn't let us check out because my mom wasn't with us. I was so upset! I started crying because that was the main course for the next day, and there was no way we could get a meat tray ordered from anywhere else for the next day because it was so late. So we just went to Winco and loaded up on their  prepackaged meat...and everything worked out just dandy.  Nothing that day could've gone wrong.

Fennell Clan
Grandma & Grandpa Fennell
Great Grandma & Grandpa Fennell

Grandma & Grandpa Gooch
Gooch Clan
Beautiful Bryns

Thursday, October 20, 2011

2 Months

I am SO obsessed and SO in love with this little girl!!! Oh my goodness she is just so much fun! And I can't believe she is already 2 1/2 months old! She is just growing so dang fast! I took her in for her two month appointment, she weighs 10.4 oz and is 24 in. which puts her in the 20th percentile for weight and 87 percentile for hight. So she is just tall and skinny. :) We had a VERY rough appointment. I always heard how horrible it is when they get was the worst. They had me hold onto her hands while she got her shots, and just looking into her eyes when they gave her the shots was horrible! The had the saddest, scared, painful look. I have never seen her scream so hard. I couldn't take it, so I started crying, and the poor nurse that was in there--it was her 2nd week working...and she started crying. And when we got home, it was so sad I couldn't even touch her she was in so much pain. I had to change her diaper and couldn't get the diaper off because she was screaming so much, so I start bawling again and called Adam out to change her because I didn't know what to do. So I couldn't even hold her to comfort her, I just had to put her in her swing, thankfully she was able to sleep quite a bit. I'm glad that day is over, and not looking forward to the next shot day.

likes at 2 months:
-she LOVES her hands she stares at them all day and makes the cutest little grunting noise
-grunts ALL the time
-she is smiling SO much and it is the cutest thing
-she laughed out loud for the first new favorite thing in the world
-she LOVES stroller rides
-loves bath time
-she loves to be cuddled...but loves to be by herself, and will just randomly start to scream while your holding her until you put her down and she instantly becomes happy
-loves to be sung too...and will get this funny grin on her face because my voice is so bad :)

-absolutely HATES her car seat
-hates immunizations worse
-hates being swaddled...but falls asleep right after (she loves her freedom)
-already hates headbands...but I've gotta put them on anyways they are so cute