Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bath Time

Another favorite around here is bath time. Especially when it's Adam that is giving Brynlee a bath. They are just so funny. I will be in another room and hear Brynlee just laughing SO hard and I will walk in and Adam is throwing one of her toys in the water and it splashes all over and Brynlee just thinks it's the funniest thing! Or I'll walk in and she has bubbles all over herself. It's pretty makes me happy.

 And she just loves her bath toys..she will always sneak them out and play with them.

 The two partners in crime...she will follow me around...and Boikins doesn't leave her side.


Brynlee LOVES her baby, when ever she is crying or upset...or we want to distract her we pull out her baby and she gets so excited and says in a cute high pitch voice "BABYYYYY" and then she hugs it tightly. It's so cute! 

My Little Helper

I just love hanging out with this little one all day! She is my little shadow...she follows me EVERYWHERE I go. Let's just say she's a little attached right now...if I leave her sight she has a little break down. So when Adam is here and I leave somewhere he takes her to another room to distract her while I sneak out...and then she does fine without me there. 

She LOVES the dishwasher for some reason...she would always bring in toys on climb on it and start playing...and then she started grabbing stuff out of it. So I would rinse everything off and leave the dishwasher empty, and while she was distracted with something else I would hurry up and load it...but that didn't happen very often, so now I load & unload the dishwasher while she's in her high chair.

She loves grabbing out all of the clothes and throwing them all over...and when I fold laundry she does the same thing...takes all of the clothes out of the basket and when she's done with that she thinks it's funny to throw the folded clothes off the WHEN I actually fold the clothes I do it on our bed.
This is how I keep her distracted when I do her hair..she loves looking at herself, or she'll play with my makeup.
She figured out how fun it is to pull out ALL of the dvd' it now faces backwards against the wall...we are just so mean...we just don't let her have any fun! :)
Ya know the scene on the 6th sense when the little boy walks in the kitchen and all of the drawers are open...that is how is constantly is here...she LOVES the drawers and everything that is in them!
She went through a phase where she would climb in and through everything she could, it was so funny. She would pull out the drawers and sit in them...(yes those are pads in her hands:)
 ...loved crawling in tight places like in this ottoman and underneath the kitchen chairs...
 and in her toy basket. (this was from May)
She is just so fun!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Friday Fun Night

I just love these two so dang much! They just bring so much happiness to me!...ahhhh I just love life! :) In celebration of Friday a few weeks ago, we decided to go to TGI Friday's because we thought they had a screamin deal...but they really didn't. So we just stayed and ate chicken fingers and enjoyed each other's company anyways.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Story Time

Have I mentioned I love AZ?! So one of the great things they do at the libraries here is have "story time." They have a class for crawlers, one for walkers, and one for the 2-4 year olds. And it is so much fun! Brynlee LOVES it! The first 30 minutes we sing songs.  Most of the songs have fun actions/movements to go with them, some of little shakers and some have props they play with. Then at the end of the songs they have bubbles...which the kids just love. The last 15 minutes is community time, where they put a lot of toys in the middle and all of the kids play together...somewhat. We have learned that Brynlee gets picked on, kids will steal toys from her and can sometimes be a little mean..and she is not used to it and I think it can hurt her feelings a little. But she'll get tough one of these days. :) I really enjoy this little class though because it gets her to interact with other kids, and she is learning things from the songs and whatnot.