Friday, June 22, 2012

My Birthday!

I turned 26 this year..which is so weird to me! We are getting so old...yet I still feel like I am and still act 18! But I honestly had the BEST birthday this year!  Adam really did spoil me rotten. I just love birthdays! I started out the day opening presents, and then we spent a while out at the pool, and then we went to the train station place, pretty much it was just nice to be outside and it was really pretty there. And then he took me to dinner ate Red Lobster...oh my gosh I love that place! And he had one surprise for me that he wouldn't tell me all day. So we are driving around and let me remind you...Scottsdale is a VERY ritzy place! about money around here. So we pull into the VERY nice resort place that is lined with beautiful lit up palm trees, that has valet, and all the stuff rich people of course I was very confused what we were doing there :) So he had done a lot of research and this place did gondala rides! I was seriously giddy when he told me what we were doing, he has been to Italy and said the gondola ride was very cool so I have really wanted to go on one...they do them in Vegas too, and I finally got my turn! Adam really is quite the romantic guy, I just love him! It was funny because when we got on the boat the gondolier guy was asking questions to get to know us and asked where we met so we said BYU-Idaho and he was like "ohhhh ok, so your Mormon then??? So how many wives do you have?" Adam "just one..." gondolier "no really? I heard everyone in Idaho and Utah had a ton of different wives." At this point I was rolling my eyes getting annoyed that his ruining my birthday ride! And Adam just looks back at him and was like...uh 1 is enough for me. So then he proceeds to tell us he got married at this weird looking building that has 6 points and a guy on the top playing a Salt Lake. So then we got to talking and he served in the same mission as my dad, and he was a really nice guy. And he sang BEAUTIFULLY in Italian to it was a GREAT night! Great birthday! Usually every year lately I complain about getting a year older, but I didn't this year because 25 was such a good year! There was so many great things that we'll see what 26 brings! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Miss Brynlee

We just love this little girl SO much! I honestly can't get enough of her...and i'm with her ALL day! :) She has started talking about little bit, and the funny thing is, I try all day to get her to say stuff, but Adam is the one that has gotten her talking. He got her to raise her hands and say "all done" when she's done eating, she will say "Yay" and clap her hands, and she says dada....she does say mamamamama when she mad or when she wants something, but it's still mama nonetheless!

 She seriously LOVES Boikins..but who wouldn't look how cute he is..and his hair is growing back so he looks normal!!

Memorial Day

Adam's dad came up for the day and showed us all around Phoenix because he grew up it was fun to see the house that he grew up in and all of his childhood memories. And since it was memorial day he took us to the cemetery and we got to see where his parents and Adam's Great Grandparents were burried.

Great Grandpa Carpenter

So it's been a few weeks now, but we had a get together with the Carpenter side for a fun little dinner with a lot of celebrations...Adam's birthday and new job, a cousin got her PHD, another cousin's husband just finished medical school and they are moving to Indiana and Grandpa Carpenter turned 90!! He is just  the cutest guy..and SO healthy! You would NEVER guess that's how old his is. So here is Brynlee with the birthday boy! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

9 Months!

Height: 28 inches 67%
Weight: 17.5 pounds 21%
Head Circ: 44.5 66%

*Brynlee is completely mobile! Oh my goodness she is ALL over the place! She has perfect crawling int the past couple weeks, (she is really 10 months now) and now she pulls herself up on to the couch, chairs the tv She just loved to explore everything!
*She loves feeding herself!...and loves all food. I can't think of anything she doesn't like to eat.
*Her sippy cup...I think she feels like such a big girl drinking out of it.
*Loves when daddy comes home...she seriously gets getting and sometimes starts a happy way. It's funny because she usually starts to get fussy within the hour that he gets home and once he gets home she is completely happy. Their favorite thing is Adam will lay on the ground and relax or watch a game and Brynlee will crawl all over him.
*Still loves walks and being pushed in a stroller
*Swimming! Loves being in the water!
*Just loves Boikins...those two will play all day. They will steal toys from each other and she will yell at him, and throw her hands like she's throwing a fit.
*Especially loves getting to be with mommy all day!
* Loves baby Einstein videos and music

*When the sun is in their eyes...who doesn't. And it is always very sunny here! When she is in the car seat I will position the sun block thing so it blocks the sun...and at least 5 times while we are in the car she will jerk it down and start screaming at me when the sun hits her eyes.
*When I take something away from her that she is playing with...that she shouldn't be. She will scream at me (in a bad way) and sometimes try to hit bueno
*She does not like being at church for 3 hours...she gets SO restless and most of the time cranky. Probably because it's during nap time
*She HATES when we take a shower, I always have her in a bouncer toy in the bathroom when I get in the shower...I don't know what it is, the curtain, that she can hear me but can't see me, the sound of the shower or what...but she screams terror and will shake like crazy because she is so scared. So now I can only take a shower during nap time or at nights. But I would say that is her #1 dislike by far!

She is just getting SO fun! She loves clicking her tongue. When we got in and get her in the morning or from naps so start clicking at us. And now she is starting to pucker and try to kiss at us. She just jibbers all the time...we're trying to get her to say mama or'll come soon we can feel it! She did say dada once on Adam's birthday that was legit.  She really is starting to sing, when music is on or I sing to her she will start singing a long, cutest thing! She claps all the time too. She is such a happy girl!'s usually a rare thing if she gets super fussy. We are sure lucky and love her so much!