Monday, August 20, 2012

1 Year Updates

Brynlee is such a fun happy baby! She is always imitating us and what we do. She is starting to say quite a few things, Boikins, dada, mom, was tha, ops (ups), stop it, getting closer to Jesus, and then just jibbers the rest of the day. She is SO close to standing and walking, she can stand by herself but once she realizes she is, she just sits down. We got her a walker toy for her birthday so she can walk around with that. She has the cutest little laugh, and has 12 teeth! It's been rough being one for her so far, she has had 2 more teeth in front and her 4 mollars come in at the same time...and the mollars are still working on coming through. But she's a trooper!
Height: 30 1/2" 89%
Weight: 19.8 lbs 21%
Head: 45cm 47%
**when daddy comes home! She gets SO excited and hyper!
**LOVES Boikins
**Loves babies! She'll get so excited so point and just keep saying baby!!
**swimming and baths
**imitating mouths & noises
**clapping and dancing
**going on walks, and seeing new things
**playing with other kids...something new from being with me all day :)

**when we tell her no she'll either think it's funny or get REALLY mad at us
**seeing us walk out of the room
**getting dressed
**teething...of course
**the sun in her face
**getting in the hot car...I always feel so bad putting her in her seat belt!

So each month of her first year I took a picture of her with her little stuffed now it's completed!

Brynlee is 1!!!

I can't believe our little baby is 1! My goodness this last year has FLOWN by!! We had a little birthday party. I had so much fun planning and preparing for it! We invited a few of our friends and family. It was pretty funny I thought it was turned out pretty cute. None of the women we invited were able to come...and the men of course didn't care, but I still enjoyed looking at it all night! We had dinner and then went swimming, had cake and opened presents. It was such a fun night, and the whole day I was thinking about the year before and how our world completely changed for the better! We love Brynlee SO dang much!!

 The birthday crew

 Hazel was such a good little help all night she kept making sure Brynlee had all of her toys and all of the hugs and kisses she needed :)
 This was Daddy's favorite present
 With Grandma and Grandpa Gooch

I was hoping she would dig in more, but I think the sticky frosting was sitting well with she didn't even dig into the cake.