Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Day Raegan Turned One Month Old

I have been amazed, with both kids, how EXTREMELY fast the newborn phase goes by. You better believe I cherish every second of it! Life has been pretty perfect lately. Brynlee is an amazing older sister! Always loving on her baby sis. Whenever she is watching cartoons or a movie she always wants her sister laying next to her. We had her best friend Lexi come over one day so she could get some energy out, and play with another kid since we've been cooped up in the house. They are SO cute together! They played, dressed up and danced together.  The weather has finally cooled down to the 90's, which qualify for walking weather. We loaded everyone up and loved being outside. We had to get a few shots with these cute little green dresses from Grandma and Grandpa Gooch they got the girls from their cruise. Brynlee loves hers! She wears it all of the time. When Raegan isn't wearing it, she will put it on one of her little dolls. I love these girls of mine! The first month of Reagan's life has been heaven. She is a little angel! The first week home she had a couple nights that she slept 8 hours at night, and in-between that she would have nights where she would have 4 hour breaks before feedings. Towards the end of the month she did eat every 2-3 at night. She eats super fast, I remember some nights with Brynlee I would be up for 45 minutes feeding her. With Raegan she usually just eats for 10-15 minutes and she's done. At first I would also pump after every feeding, but it takes so much time be honest I hate it. So I've started only doing it during the day so I can just go back to sleep at night to get a little more sleep.  Here are Raegans measurements for her 2 week appointment:
Height: 21.6" (93%)
Weight: 7 lbs 12 oz (51%)
Head: 34.9 (47%)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Weekend Mel and Steven Met Raegan

We've just had a non stop party with all of the family that has come to town the past couple weeks. The last visitors to come to town was Aunt Mel and Uncle Steve. Just like always we had a blast with them! They stayed with Stacy's family the first couple nights and us the last 2. We went hiking at the hole in rock downtown Phoenix, went swimming, talked for hours, watched movies and enjoyed the time we had together. I felt so bad, they had rented a car and had to leave at 4 in the morning, which just happened to be the worst storm come through we had this year. It was POURING rain, there was a lot of flooding, so much that they had to close down streets and highways because the water was up to car windows that had been stranded. So not lucky for them, the had to drive an hour in that in a city they were not familiar with. But luckily they made it safely. And it was so sad to see them go. We would absolutely love if they ever ended up by us someday! I sure love my family and the relationships I have with them. I am one blessed girl!

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Day Reagan Got Blessed

August 31st was such an amazing day! I wanted to have Raegan's blessing while my parents were here, but Adam didn't feel comfortable taking her to church when she was only 3 weeks old. So we compromised and decided to do it at our house. We had heard that some people do it and decided to try it out. It was honestly such a neat experience! It was special to do it in our own home. We have such an amazing supportive family! We are so so blessed! Since it was kind of last second, we let everyone know about a week before and had an amazing turn out. All of Adam's family minus Jeanine was there, Mike come all the way from Boston, Kevin came from San Diego, Kim and her family came from Vegas and all of our family here. From the Fennell side we had my parents and Stacy's family. Thankfully I had a lot of help getting everything ready before we had a house full of family. Everyone came early afternoon, so we were able to catch up with everyone and the cousins all had a ball together. Brynlee was in heaven! We had to get pictures with Grandma & Grandpa Gooch and all of the grandkids while they were all together, and some sibling pictures.
I'm not going to lie, with so many people here, kind of chaotic, I was worried how we were going to get everyone calmed down and ready for the blessing. We had the blessing at 4. Adam and I headed up to our room with Raegan to get ready and had such a neat experience. Adam wanted to have a little time to himself so ponder and then he kneeled down to pray and Raegan honestly did not take her eyes off of him, she even gave him a little smile. Then he picked her up and was telling her what an important day this was for her, and still, she would not take her eyes off of her dad. That's about when I started getting emotional. We headed downstairs, and got ready for the blessing and it went silent. The spirit was so strong, it was an amazing feeling. Adam, Grandpa Fennell, Grandpa Gooch, Jared, Branden, Jim, Great Grandpa Carpenter and a member of the Bishopric were all apart of the circle. Adam gave such a beautiful and inspired blessing. I am always amazed at how intone he is with the spirit when he gives blessings, you can tell he really gets in tune with the spirit and give the blessing Heavenly Father wants. Grandma Fennell was a able to take notes through the blessing, what she was able to get from it was:

"Raegan Lee GoochThis is a Special time and you were chosen to come down to earth atthis time to help your family and friends and to be an example tothem.You knew that life is a test and you were excited and ready to proveyourself to Jesus and your Heavenly Father.Jesus Christ is the center of this church.  Always remember him andlove him with all your heart. Then everything will work out they wayit should.You will be blessed to have patience to wait for answers to yourprayers and patience with your family and friends.  (Blessed with)great faith in The Lord.You are blessed with talents to help the lost ...on their way and tohave a great love for family.Listen to those who came before you, your parents, your sister, andespecially Jesus Christ.I bless you that you will be married and sealed for all time andeternity in the Lord's house.Learn from your mistakes.  Grow up and be happy in the church. (May The Lord bless) you with anything you may need."

After the blessing was over we had dinner, everyone took a turn passing Raegan around and thoroughly enjoyed all of the family time. That night the adults played games, and the kids had a little movie party upstairs. When it hit about 9:30/10 you could tell Raegan and I had about as much fun as we could handle for the night. My body had had it, I was so overly exhausted, and I'm sure Raegan was too. It was sure a day to remember. There is just something about a baby all dressed in white on her special day. We are so incredibly blessed with our two beautiful 
daughters, a father who honors his priesthood to be able to bless his beautiful daughters, and so much love and support from our family.

Whenever I take Raegan's pictures, Brynlee always wants in on them. This time was cute because Brynlee went in and got changed and was like "I want to wear my princess dress too."