Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mother's Day

I think I have posted these before, but me and my sister Rachel are doing these super cute stick family pictures, we thought they would be great for Mother's Day if anyone is interested just let me know. You can check out more pictures at our crafting blog, here.

So whenever something funny happens or someone says something funny at work I always jot it down so I don't forget it...because kids are just the cutest things and I just love some of the things they say. I just love my job! So for the past month I've been going into one of the kindergarten classes to help for a half an hour, and I LOVE it! I love kindergarteners! I have been thinking lately I want to go back and get my teaching degree...I would love to be a kindergarten teacher. Anyways, there are 4 different stations the kids go to and I am in the writing station, so they were writing sentences that said "If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to..." and they would fill it in, so we would discuss all of the cool places before they would right, Disneyland, Disneyworld, Lagoon, New York, Hawaii, Africa, China, Japan, Europe, to a this one little girl was having the hardest time picking where she would want to go, so I said "This is a really fun sentence, where have you ALWAYS dreamed get to decide ANYWHERE you want to go!" And she sat there for a minute and said..."McDonalds." And thats what she wrote...good game plan, she won't be disappointed in life. :)

Another day that we were in stations, at the table next to me I hear one girl say, "My mom has gotten SOO fat!" So I stop what I'm doing at look right over there, and the teacher was just as surprised and said "What??" Both of us thinking her mom is pregnant or something, and the girl says, 'My mom has gotten SO fat! She REALLY needs to start working out."

There is a kid that seems to have a problem making it to the bathroom on time, so we get to see him in the office quite frequently. On this particular day his parents were gone and couldn't bring him any clothes, so we looked through what clothes we had at the school, and there was a pair of pants that was probably 3 sizes to big, so I went and got some of the orange twine, for our homemade belts, and tied it around him. He kept saying "I just don't want to be embarrassed, I just don't want my friends to notice what I did." I could tell he was really worried, and the huge pants didn't help so I said, "Ya know what, it's nobody's business, if they say anything just say that you fell in the mud or in a puddle and had to change pants." So he sits there for a minute and then says, "...ya, but that would be lying, and I don't want to tell lies." I guess I'm a great example for kids :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

So Happy!

It's been a fun past couple of weeks! I just LOVE being pregnant, I've heard of a lot of people that hate it, but it's been really fun for me. We went in on the 3rd for the big ultrasound...and it was AMAZING! We were just SO happy! It lasted about an hour...It's a pretty good feeling holding your honey's hand watching your little baby moving all around. It was incredible. I was a little nervous at first because I was just hoping that everything was healthy and good, and when we found that out I just sat watched our sweet baby moving all around, so so excited. All we really wanted was a healthy baby, no matter what it may be, but let's be honest, I was rooting for a little girl and Adam was rooting for a boy, the the ultrasound tech was kind of quite and looking (we didn't know at what) and he just looks at us and said "'s a girl." I was SO happy, and then looked at Adam and he just kind of stared at the screen, so the tech was like " Well that silenced the husband." But he was just as excited. When I wasn't very far along I saw on someone's blog this Chinese Calander, and it supposed to be "incredibly accurate" so I checked it out and low and was correct. And the person that I saw it on...there's was correct too. So all you preggo girls out there that don't know what your having might want to check this out. :) Baby girl Gooch--Adam says she has my nose (long and pointy :)

We just love this picture with her little hand...

So there's a new ultra sound machine that doctors are getting now days that are either 3d or 4d, can't remember, so here is the best shot of that that we got, it is looking down at her head. We didn't like these shots as much as the normal ones because it just looks like she has lumps all over the place, so we'll just stick with this one. :)

That weeked I was just so excited that me and my mom went to Twin for the day to go shopping. It was SO much fun! I love hanging out with my mom...and we had so much fun shopping for clothes! We went to the most amazing's called Once Upon a Child, and it's "gently used" clothes, but all of them look brand new, but they are like a 1/4 of the normal price. I was in heaven! I got just the cutest little outfits. For instance, I got 12 outfits pretty much, like 8 onsies, 10 shirts, cutest shorts, 6 skirts, and 2 super cute pairs of pants, all for $50. I felt pretty good about it. Then afterwards to went to Old Navy to get maternity clothes, and I was looking at the baby stuff and it all looked so expensive. It was a fun day!

This is at 19 weeks...don't judge, I look quite crappy but here is a picture for ya.

I haven't experienced to many new things yet. I don't get weak in the mornings anymore. I feel perfectly healthy and fine, I never feel sick or anything, so I am greatful for that. I'm not as tired as I was, it was pretty bad there for about a month. I can feel my baby now!!! And I love it! I seriously loose sleep over it at nights...I just lay in bed hoping to feel her before I fall asleep, I'll wake up in the middle of the night or early in the morning and just lay there until I can feel her move. I just love it! It's all getting so real now. We've bought a few things that we've gotten really good deals on, like a stroller and a rocking chair. So if you know any good websites with good deals or anything let me know! With everything going on, life is great, I've got no complaints!