Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nationals Game

This weekend we got some free tickets to the Nationals baseball game...which were an upgrade from where we normally sit..the cheapest tickets--so we get there and the game is postponed because it was raining so on our way in an older couple that was leaving gave us their tickets for the night because they didn't want to wait around for the rain to pass...which they had season tickets that were like 29 rows behind the 3 1/2 hours later with about 300 die hard fans the the game started...and we got to sit wherever we wanted--so we ended up 7 rows back--it was SO much fun...I felt like I was in fever pitch (love that movie) Oh ya...and on the way in we sold our other tickets for $ we pretty much got paid to go to the game. I posted a little video--they have a Presidential race during the game and it's so I just posted the end of it....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July

The 4th of July is one of my very favorite holiday's...I just get so excited for it every year. And it's usually about a week long of pure excitement...I love singing the Patriotic songs in church on Sunday...and I love looking around and seeing flags everywhere. It's fun reading everyone's blogs that are from Rupert...and how excited people are to go back and spend the 4th there...or how sad they are that they can't be really is a big deal. And this year I was feeling a little homesick for all of the Ruperts festivities...but I think it was worth missing this year--we got to celebrate it in the Nations capital...and it was AMAZING!!! We both had to work all day..and that was a huge bummer--we didnt get to have any kind of a BBQ--I did however get to see the most ghetto parade though...but the night made it all worth it. We went to DC for the fireworks show, we got there about an hour before it started--and every direction was packed with people...I don't know how many millions of people were there. They were shooting the fireworks up next to the Washington Monument...and they had the area around it blocked off until about 30 minutes before it started and we just kept walking up towards it untill we somehow ended up being about 50 feet in front of it--the fireworks were right above us and huge...the whole firework show was like the best grand finale...and then when it was time for the actual grand finale--there was so many you could barely see everything because there was so much smoke from them. It was just a neat experience to be there to spend such a special holiday with all of the patriotic Americans. I am SO thankful for the freedom we have and all of the men and women who leave their families to defend our rights.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baseball games

One of our favorite summer activities is going to baseball games...they are just so much fun and relaxing. So this last weekend we finally had the oportunity to go to a game, it was the Baltimore Orioles against the Washington DC Nationals, since they are both of the teams that out here by us we each took a team--I went for the Nationals and Adam was going for the Orioles...nationals won :) It was the perfect day, the sun was out for a while--but then it was overcast which felt really good becuase it was hot and humid before that, and we also got to enjoy the good ol' baseball hotdogs.